The Top 3 Luxury-Rated RV Resorts in the USA Today

It should be no surprise that the Top 3 Luxury-Rated RV Resorts are BlueWater Key, Zion River and BellaTerra. You’ve probably been dreaming to go to at least one of them and if not, then it’s time to reroute these places to the top of your list. BlueWater Key RV Resort is at the number one spot when it comes to an all around luxury experience. It’s exclusive, beautifully laid-out and offers top-notch experiences. Zion National park is arguably the next best option and is possibly closer to your home. Last but not least, the trendy BellaTerra RV Resort is another exclusive spot. Read on to discover more about these incredible places to bring your RV today…

BlueWater Key RV Resort, Florida

About the Location

Just to get your geography senses tingling, the resort is 20 minutes away from Key West (the southernmost tip of the USA). Nothing short of a coastal destination, you can see the ocean back drop almost everywhere and sunsets are especially romantic here. The Key West coast is only 100 miles from Cuba, so the weather is tropical. The coldest month hovers at 65F and the rest of the year is pure tanning weather. The Keys also has the Seven Mile Bridge, a modern and safe structure despite being built right over the ocean! The former bridge still stands and was once a World Wonder.

Some basic features at the resort

The BlueWater Key Resort has three choices of where to park your RV including the Canal Side, the Tropical Side and the Bay Side. The Canal Side RV site faces onto a deep water canal where you can fish right from ‘home’, the Tropical Side site is in a thick layer of tropical forest and the Bay Side faces onto the ocean. Each site has a TIKI hut that’s fitted with a flat screen TV, WIFI, fans and a basic kitchen.


The average price for the Canal Side is $147 nightly, the Tropical Side is $129 nightly and the Bay Side is $181 nightly. Prices jump up $50 more per night in winter.


There’s a minimum stay of three nights but why would anyone ever want to leave? The real downside is that these sites are all privately owned and they may not always be open for visitors.

What makes BlueWater Key special?

There’s enough to do at BlueWater Key to keep entertained for a full summer. Here you’ll have VIP access to kayak and Jeep adventures, charter and wreck fishing, snorkeling and diving. Here’s why you’ll want to dive into these activities…

You can go kayaking in the mangroves. These are bunches of short ocean trees that make canopy paths through the ocean. Aside from spotting shrimps and crabs you may even come face to face with big predators like alligators! Kayaking isn’t free but it’s not expensive either. The weekly rate is $140 and includes free delivery and pick up.

If you don’t want to risk running into ‘gators on a kayak, there’s also a Jeep delivery and pick up. Many of the Jeeps have been customized and jacked up to include 35 inch tires. It’s not so cheap to Jeep around and if you get a lifted Jeep Wrangler it’s over $1200 for the week.

You’ll also have access to some of the most impressive snorkeling and diving sites in the world. The USNS Vandenberg diving site in the North Atlantic Ocean is one of them. Almost nine million dollars went into sinking this military vessel over a decade ago and it’s now the world’s second largest man-made shipwreck. You’ll feel like an underwater pirate here and your crew will be fish like the barracuda. Another option is to snorkel at the Looe Key Reef. There are pretty fish here, like the Smooth Trunk Fish and the Blue Parrot Fish.

Finally, there’s Charter Fishing, Reef Fishing and Wreck Fishing too. If you’ve never heard of charter fishing before, a private guide shows you and your crew how to catch impressive fish. Wreck fishing is another cool experience. There are over 600 shipwrecks at the Keys that are centuries of years old and are now home to shallow water reefs. You can see fish like the marlin, dolphin, shark, mackerel and a great deal more. The water is so clear that you’ll see the fish as you’re fishing them!

Zion River Resort, Utah

About the Location

Zion National Park is Utah’s first ever National Park! Ancient peoples used to live in this canyon some 6000 years ago and it’s greatly explored by tourists today. There are over 4 million visitors a year and increasing. Despite the heavy foot traffic the canyon is 15 miles long and has space for everyone. The vastness of the Zion canyon is what makes it so impressive. The park’s rangers also go to great lengths to preserve the canyon and the Virgin River. In the spring and fall months, the weather is comfortable because the temperatures don’t go much past 90F. Also, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Las Vegas are just a couple hours drive away!

Some basic features at the resort

Back-In RV sites are 40 feet in length and face onto the Virgin River. If you need more glam than what is inside your RV, there’s also 2-Bedroom Suites with Queen sized beds, walk-in closets, mountain views and fully loaded kitchens. The resort has a Social Hall where you can get a free cup of coffee and there’s also a large 20x40 foot pool. You’ll have access to a take-out grill in the summer that serves Paninis and home-made ice cream. You may be surprised to find out that there’s WIFI and cable throughout the canyon. AT&T and T-Mobile users will get 5-bars too.


The premium Pull Thru and River Corner sites are $78 daily and $462 for the week. The 2-Bedroom suite is $282 a day.


Since this resort is in a National Park, you’ll have to make an effort to keep it clean. There is zero tolerance for litter and recycling at the dumpsters is a must. You won’t have the option of 30 minute showers in the morning since they are limited to 7 minutes. All the holding tank additives and sanitizers have to be environmentally-friendly too. Anyway, it’s good to go green, right?

What makes Zion River special?

The canyon has a hiking trail, called the Narrows. Over the past 150 million years, the Virgin River has carved out thousand-foot high sandstone walls. Just so you know this is millions of years before humans ever existed. When you’re in the Narrows, you’ll see the sun peaking down through the super high cave walls to the riverbed below. The path is simply a river, so you’ll be hiking through water the whole way. It’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

If you need more of a thrill, the Zion Canyon walls can be climbed too. Get onto the vertical plane and walk up these 2000-foot Navajo Sandstone walls. The climb is for experts but for everyone else, there’s bouldering. There bouldering challenges will put you to your limits without putting you off your rocker.

Finally, you can mine the Virgin River by sifting through the sand. There are gemstones like quartz and pyrite. Actually, this part of the world has impressive mines like the Bingham Canyon mine, which is the deepest man-made, open-pit mine in the world.

Your RV never experienced a canyon like this before

The Zion Resort offers a river hike, thousand-foot high canyon walls and gemstones. Surely you’ll feel inspired here. Also, what greater luxury is there than exploring an ancient canyon with your 5G connected at the same time?

Bella Terra RV Resort, Alabama

About the Location

This resort is just a 20-minutes drive from Orange Beach on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. It is also in the heart of Foley which is a seriously small city, only 20, 000 people. But don’t overlook it because it’s small since there’s no shortage of southern charm here. This coastal town runs at a slower pace and should you stay here long enough, you may begin to wind down too. If you’re a food-lover then you’ll find all kinds of southern cuisine, especially deep-fried chicken and fresh sea food.

Some basic features at the resort

Having more space in general makes things comfortable and space is not a problem at the BellaTerra RV Resort. The RV sites are 50x90 feet in size and the landscape is designed for privacy. The lots come with many customizable options, like the Casitas, outdoor seating and outdoor grill. Casita is an inside space with ocean themed décor and everything you might want to have like TV, bathroom and kitchen. The outdoor seating area is great for summertime meals and sunset views. The outdoor grill is actually a barbecue’s paradise but you need to see it to believe it. There are also planned daily activities, putting green, fitness center, club house and professional-level gold courses.


The cost to stay at BellaTerra is on average $65 nightly. Premium sites are $10 more a night.


Some people may be disappointed to discover how exclusive this resort is. It doesn’t allow for RVs that are less than 32 feet in length, so Class A RVs only. Your RV must also be less than 15 years old. At least you’ll be surrounded by super nice motorhomes.

What makes BellaTerra special?

Aside from the laid-back atmosphere and southern Alabama accent, you won’t want to miss the zero-edge infinity pool. It’s a high end swimming pool that gets full sun with a few palm trees. There’s also a fairly large center piece lake for fishing, you can see from most of the RV sites.

Another good reason to get a luxury RV

BellaTerra means Beautiful land, when you think in Latin or Italian. With all the mention of this resort and the increasing demand for their sites, they must be living up to the name! Go find out.

Bring your RV to the Zion canyon in Utah, the southern-most tip of the US or to the easy life in Alabama this summer. These Top Notch RV Resorts are sure to take you out of your everyday life and into something better. If your RV cover has already been lifted off, that’s right!