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Why You Need to Buy a Golf Cart Covers

Not all car covers are designed with the same circumstances in mind. Car covers can be made with various different materials, inner and outer. The most common distinction prioritized when making decisions about how to construct a cover is that between indoor and outdoor storage. Outdoor covers are a wise investment when, of course, your vehicle will be stored outside. Even if you have a garage at home, an outdoor cover can be useful when travelling, protecting against unnecessary wear and time spent brushing of your car before use.

While outdoor covers are usually associated with cold weather and the mounds of snow and salt that it brings, an outdoor cover is really an essential piece of equipment regardless of the particular weather conditions your climate might bring. Less immediately noticeable consequences brought about by exposure to the elements can come in the form of fading finish caused by windborne particles, or fading interiors and rotting rubber seals caused by long-term sun exposure.

CarCover.com offers a variety of covers, and two that are designed with a broad range of outdoor conditions in mind – the silver and gold ‘Shield' covers offered for almost all models in semi-custom and occasionally full custom fit. The Gold Shield cover is our most robust cover model, and is suited for the harshest of wintery conditions. It is made of five differentiated layers, with a fleece interior lining to best protect your vehicle's finish.

Why Choose CarCover.com's Golf Cart Covers?

Buying a car cover is made easy with over one hundred thousand outdoor, indoor, and waterproof covers available and in stock: always. We can assure you that we have the exact cover you are looking for, and at the best price. If you own a sedan, SUV, truck, hatchback, wagon, or van, we have the exact cover to suit your needs. No matter the model, we have a cover that will fit it snugly.

Here at CarCover.com, we're united as a team because of our passion for cars. Customer service is our top priority and both the response and support we deliver are quick and considerate. Each of our valued employees are happy to help and are on standby waiting for you to call or chat 24/7.

For a limited time, enjoy free shipping and a lifetime warranty on all orders. CarCover.com provides a best price guarantee and 30-day no questions asked return policy. You can call our toll-free customer service number to inform our staff of a competing price which we will promptly meet or best, and if the car cover you purchase doesn't fit as you'd like, we will take it back without hesitation.

Our Company True Difference
Free and Fast Shipping
Free and Fast Shipping

Not only shipping is always free, but it is extremely fast. Most of our orders are delivered within 3 business days.

Price Protection Guarantee
Price Protection Guarantee

It is simple! If you find a similar car cover cheaper elsewhere, we will match the price with an extra 10% discount.

Perfect Fit Guarantee
Perfect Fit Guarantee

With over 25 years in the industry, all our golf cart covers fit each and every golf cart perfectly and that's our guarantee.

Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

We offer unbeatable quality and durability, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all our golf cart covers.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We strongly believe in hassle-free returns. We give you 30 days to try out the golf cart cover to assure complete customer satisfaction.

Remarkable Customer Service
Remarkable Customer Service

Our dedicated team of experts are always ready to help! You can contact us via email, live chat, or phone every day of the week.

What A Good Golf Cart Cover Looks Like

Investing in a car cover can be an intimidating endeavor – precisely because, more often than not, it isn't obvious what you should be looking for prior to making your decision. Many potential buyers may not think to consider anything beyond build quality – and while quality is of central importance, it isn't comprehensive. Consider, too, these following things before you make your purchase.

Let's begin with the obvious: you want a strong warranty and prompt shipment and delivery if you are going to be buying a car cover online. These requirements guarantee that online shopping introduces convenience into your life, rather than removing it. On this front, CarCover.com has you covered – all our products offer urgent short-term (three or fewer days) shipping, and a lifetime warranty!

Your car cover is going to be doing more than just sitting on your car – it's going to be stored, carried around, and installed – be it by you, or someone else. For these reasons, it is best if a cover comes with a storage bag, integrated straps (for fluid installation), and a manageable weight. Storage bags ensure that the very elements you strive to keep away from your car don't gather on or in the cover which will later be in close contact with that same car. Weight can similarly sabotage the benefits of your cover: even a soft material might dim a mirrored detail if the layers above it amount to too much!

Finally, car covers are a desirable and substantial commodity. You want to protect your investment while it protects your car, and while it does that, it can't be locked inside. It can, however, be locked to your vehicle: this is where cable locks come in handy. All of CarCover.com's car covers come with a cable lock, which threads through the cover and affixes it without hassle to your car. This much can easily be said - dissuading would-be thieves from taking your cover (or the now unseeable contents of your car!), a cable lock does a world of good.

For all these needs and more, CarCover.com has got you covered!

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