Benefits of Using a Golf Cart Cover

Golf carts are a popular (and often necessary) mode of transportation on golf courses, allowing golfers to easily access different holes with speed and carry their clubs and other equipment efficiently. Golf carts are often expensive to purchase and maintain, and they are particularly vulnerable to damage from the elements. Using a golf cart cover can help protect your investment and extend the life of your cart well beyond what might be anticipated if you leave it uncovered.

Here is a thorough (though certainly not exhaustive list) of the benefits of using a golf cart cover:

  1. Protection against the elements: golf carts are exposed to a variety of weather conditions, including rain, sunshine, and wind. A golf cart cover will do much to protect your cart from these elements, helping to prevent rust, fading, and other types of damage. All climates and conditions wear away at vehicles, and even those which appear moderate can still call for the use of a cart cover.

  2. Keeps the cart clean: golf carts can get dirty from driving on the course and being exposed to the elements. A cover can help keep your cart clean between outings, and more importantly, keep the vehicle dry. A cart which enters the course dry will be less likely to pick up dirt and muck throughout the day.

  3. Enhances appearance: golf carts are an investment, and naturally people takee pride in their carts, wanting them to stay looking as fresh and new as the day they were purchased. A cover maintains the appearance of your cart, and ensures that when you clean it up after a game, you won't have to repeat the process before hand, next time you hit the course.

  4. Increases resale value: if you ever tire of golf, decide to upgrade, or simply switch to a model which better suits your needs, you will want to ensure that your resale value does not take any unnecessary hits. A nicely maintained vehicle that is advertised as spending all its down time under the protection of a cover can be priced more aggressively, and potential buyers will be far more inclined to reach out if they see such info presented in a cart's sale ad.

  5. Provides security: the effects of weather are not the only threats which a golf cart could benefit from being protected against. Cart covers make the interior contents of your cart for more difficult to access, and most importantly, hides them and the cart itself from view. A black box is a much less enticing prospect for a would be thief than a naked cart.

  6. Reduced maintenance costs: assuming a cover-less cart owner isn't willing to sit with its gradual deterioration, maintenance costs will inevitably accrue. Whether it is in the form of your own time or professional service, leaving your cart exposed will quickly outstrip the cost associated with purchasing a cart cover. Of course, maintenance and part replacement are natural aspects of the use of any machine, but you may be surprised how much this process is aggravated by what machines are exposed to when they aren't in use. Owners stand to save a significant amount of money by investing in a cart cover.

  7. Customization options: like all sports, golf culture is made up in part by various sorts of branding – these brands can be personal, communal, and sponsor oriented. Besides being customizable in the manner necessary to any automotive cover – size, material, etc. – many cart covers allow you to make use of custom colors and emblazon your cover with logos and messages. This allows you to communicate your brand and make your presence known, even when you're off the course and protecting your cart!

  8. Ease of use: a good golf cart cover will be simple to install and remove, facilitating quick set up when moving on and off the course. Often the best cart covers will be designed with tidy and efficient storage in mind. When deciding upon a cover, make sure to see that there are the proper ties and bungies needed to allow a snug fit.

  9. Versatility: excluding some highly specialized makes, cart covers are great in that they can fit various makes and styles of golf cart. Typically the same cover can be used with electric, hybrid, and gas powered carts, and can even be adapted to work with roofless carts. This means that then you buy one cover, you will not have to reinvest when you change carts!

  10. Cost-effectiveness: though golf cart covers vary in price, they are almost always more affordable than other methods of cart storage and enclosure. Purchasing fully walled cart, even building or renting a garage or shed, greatly exceed the costs associated with a simple cart cover. Owning a cover may encourage or enable you to purchase a more open or minimal cart, one without a roof, because you won't be concerned about it surviving outdoor conditions when you aren't there with it on the course.

  11. Ultraviolet (UV) ray protection: people regularly underestimate the damage that can be done to paint by the sun. Our skin is not special as far as susceptibility goes! Any respectable golf cart cover will provide considerable or complete UV protection. Carts are subject to most of their sun exposure off the course – even if the owner is the most active of golfers. This means that the life expectancy of your vehicles finish (paint, trimmings, leather, rubber) will be dramatically increased by a cover.

  12. Protects against sap and bird droppings: while they might be considered by most as simply mundane nuisances, sap and bird droppings can take a special toll on your golf cart's finish. The chemical make up of bird droppings can slowly eat away at a cart's exterior finish, especially lest robust ones, meaning that bird poop is more than just an eye sore. Sap is similar in that it is very difficult to clean off, especially if heat bonds it to your cart. Often the harsh cleaners needed to tidy such blemishes are not good for the longevity of a golf cart's finish. Fortunate in both instances, covers (especially fluid-repellant ones) protect your golf cart while it is stationary longest, and thus most vulnerable.

To reiterate, using a golf cart cover is a prudent, simple, and frugal way to protect your golf cart and extend the life of your investment. Golf cart covers keep your machine clean, safe, beautiful, and individual. With so many use cases and choices available, you are almost certain to have need, and you can count on the right solution being out there.