How Much Are Car Covers?

Whether you park your prized possession outside or store it in the garage, car covers offer valuable protection against weather hazards, dust, debris, UV exposure, moisture buildup, and unwanted attention.

However, with an extensive selection of available options, choosing a car cover that protects your vehicle, suits your individual requirements, and matches your budget can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced car owners around.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through essential car cover features, preferable additions, storage choices, key selling points implemented by retailers, and, most importantly, how to choose a budget-friendly car cover that meets your expectations.

So, how much does a car cover cost? Let’s find out below.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Car Covers

Two car cover for outdoor an indoor propuses.

The car cover cost of your chosen model often depends on where you plan on using it. This is why the first step to understanding car cover pricing is acknowledging the fundamental differences between indoor and outdoor car covers.

While indoor covers are commonly constructed from thinner material to protect your vehicle from storage-related hazards, outdoor and waterproof car covers incorporate several layers of fabric and materials such as Polypropylene PLUS for maximum durability and water-resistant properties.

This difference can often lead to price discrepancies, as outdoor car covers require more production time and incur higher production costs. However, be wary of car cover sellers who charge double for their outdoor models. This is often used as a dishonest pricing strategy simply to promote the “outdoor” label.

At, we offer affordable, durable, and high-quality outdoor car cover options for various climates, weather hazard intensities, and protection requirements. Our models include:

The Gold Shield 5L Car Cover

The gold shield car cover on a Lamborghini.

Considered as one of our most durable vehicle covers, the Gold Shield 5L deal for outdoor use. It provides complete protection against the elements for just $149.99.

Three layers of Polypyrene PLUS paired with a microporous film for maximum breathability guarantees total defense against even the most aggressive weather conditions, including heavy rain, intense snow, blizzards, high winds, and hail storms.

Likewise, this model includes a soft fleece innermost lining for additional protection against scratches and abrasions during installation and removal. As a waterproof and water-resistant cover, this model will ensure your vehicle is fully equipped for all seasons.

The Silver Shield 3L Car Cover

A silver shield car cover in a outdoor garage.

Our more affordable yet equally durable outdoor option, priced at $129.99, offers complete protection against mild to moderate weather conditions, including medium rain showers, snow, and light hail.

This model is constructed using two layers of Polypropylene PLUS and a microporous film layer for maximum breathability. Likewise, it also provides total uv resistance, and protection against other outdoor hazards such as bird droppings and tree sap.

The Silver Shield 3L is an ideal option for climates with less intense weather conditions and higher humidity and heat levels. It is affordable and practical for most car owners and is acknowledged as the best car cover in terms of cost and features.

The Bronze Shield 2L Car Cover

A classic car with a bronze shield car cover in old village.

Functioning as an indoor and outdoor car cover, the Bronze Shield is our most budget-friendly option, priced at just $99.99. Designed using more lightweight and thinner layers of Polypropylene PLUS, this model offers excellent coverage and protection against common indoor hazards, including dirt, dust, debris, sun exposure, manual disturbances, and even moisture buildup.

The Bronze Shield 2L also doubles as a lightweight outdoor cover, perfect for protection against mild weather hazards such as light rain, wind, and airborne particles.

The Black Satin BL Car Cover

A vw beetle black satin BL car cover in a indoor garage.

Strictly designed for indoor use, this custom-fit car cover offers premium protection against all indoor hazards for $159.99. Designed from high-quality, breathable, and smooth satin material, the Black Satin BL cover ensures the highest level of protection from common car storage risks.

Likewise, the design and material offer a more elegant and glamorous look, making it the ideal choice for expensive or unique automobile models.

Lightweight yet tough, the Black Satin BL will keep your paint job looking fresh and your interior protected for moisture and mold.

Uncovering the Price Factors Behind Car Cover Costs

Comparision with some of the features and materials used.

Now that we’ve acknowledged the differences between indoor and outdoor models and reviewed some of our car cover options let’s delve deeper into the various factors impacting car cover prices.

Material Quality and Thickness

Prices of car covers may vary depending on the materials used during the design process. High-quality materials like Polypropylene PLUS, waterproof polyester, reflective fabrics, and breathable coatings can increase the price of your chosen cover.

Likewise, the number of layers used to create the cover can also affect the cost, which is why outdoor covers tend to be pricier than their indoor counterparts (unless the indoor model is a specialty cover for luxury cars).


Models including additional features such as straps, buckles, and cable locks tend to be more expensive than simpler options. While these features enhance convenience, they are not always necessary for all storage options.

Moreover, extra protection features such as 100% waterproof and hail-proof linings can also affect the price range, so do your research before you spend money on a car cover designed for harsher conditions than the ones you currently reside in.

Size and Fit

Unsurprisingly, fully custom-fit car covers designed for specific automobile models or sizes tend to be costlier than universal car covers. Although a custom-fit cover offers ideal coverage, it isn’t usually necessary for standard car models.

At, we strike a balance between price and fit by offering semi-custom car covers designed to minimize excess material, wrinkles, and gaps on all cars.

Brand Reputation

Premium car cover brands may often charge extra for their car covers, regardless of the make or model. This price difference can be attributed to additional benefits, such as free shipping, top-tier customer service, the inclusion of warranties, money-back guarantees, additional features, and overall higher security standards.

If you’re looking for a long-term purchase, keep an eye out for more extended warranties. These indicate the manufacturer’s confidence in the performance of their car covers - something worth pay a little extra for.


Car lot with car covers.

By acquiring a deeper understanding of the various factors that influence car cover pricing, you are more likely to choose an option that suits your needs and matches your budget.

Regardless of climate, storage conditions, and specific requirements, paying close attention to the factors described above will allow you to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Whether you’re looking for a car cover to protect your first automobile from common hazards or researching alternative options for your current car cover model, feel free to explore our selection of high-quality and affordable options.

Additionally, we have several car cover reviews available on our site you can look through before you decide on your final purchasing decision. provides free shipping, complete security, 24/7 customer service, and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all car covers.