Are RV Parks Expensive?

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As the travel season approaches, it is common for RVers to search for travel destinations. For those who are passionate about traveling by RV, the price issues of RV parks are always of concern. However, the price of a job depends on many factors such as participation time, length of stay or accompanying services. In this blog post, we'll dive into the different criteria used to determine RV park prices and help you understand whether they're really expensive or not.


Understanding RV Park Pricing

Before learning specifically about the price of an RV park, we should have an overall understanding of the park area you want to rent and how they will rent it out. Unlike hotels or resorts, RV parks have their own criteria to be able to offer suitable prices. Therefore, determining the price of each different park before renting them is very important to be able to balance your finances during your vacation.

Overall, an RV park with 5-star service quality will cost more than other RV parks. However, most RV parks will charge a nightly rate for services ranging from $50 to $80 or more depending on location and amenities provided. There are also some RV parks that offer the service and charge monthly prices, depending on the needs of the renter. To ensure convenience and suitability for your own needs, tenants need to make specific calculations and discussions with the park's management to be able to make the most economical decisions.

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Factors Affecting RV Park Prices


One of the important factors that determine the price of an RV park is its location. Just like buying a house or renting space, geographical location always plays a prerequisite role in determining its value. Locations in famous cities or near major centers are more expensive than parks in distant suburbs.

For example, an RV park near Washington, DC will cost more than parks in other states because of the cost of real estate as well as the convenience of transportation and services in this city are higher value than other states in the US.

Although the location of the park does not say all of the value it brings, the location of the park has a great influence on most trips and is often at the top of searching when they want to start their exciting journey.


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Park amenities are the second factor that affects the price of an RV park. Just like other restaurants or hotels, the amenities they provide are always commensurate with the price they offer. The amenities of a 5-star restaurant will be more expensive than the amenities of a 3-star restaurant. This is also one of the criteria to attract visitors during key seasons. Amenities of an RV park usually include internet connection, electricity, water, beauty spa, laundry, swimming pool, gym, bar, pub and spacious entertainment area.

The more amenities an RV park offers, the higher the price. However, users need to pay attention to whether those utilities are really of good quality and worth the money they spend. Some smart RVers will consider their team's need to use amenities to determine which park to go to to secure unused amenities but still have to pay for them at a high price.

Depending on the needs of the whole team, choose a suitable RV park to avoid waste. If your team has children, you should choose an RV park with spacious, airy play and entertainment services. Or if your RV team is colleagues or close friends, you should choose convenient services such as bars, pubs, swimming pools and gyms to fully enjoy.


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Seasonal Variation

Seasonal pricing is a factor effect to /blog/memorable-experiences-while-parking-in-an-rvrentals. In the US, summer is the peak season for traveling, and this is also the crowded festival season. During this period RV park prices will be higher than during other seasons of the year.
During the tourist season of the year, the demand for services becomes crowded and cramped, which requires professional and agile service from the RV park staffs. Therefore, the high price paid for their professionalism is understandable.
During the tourist season and especially on holidays, you need to book RV park services in advance to avoid being booked out or crowded. Don't forget to ask about the price of the RV park for comparison and financial consideration before deciding to deposit.

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Duration of Stay

In addition to the fixed prices regulated at the RV park, there are also prices that are adjusted to fluctuate depending on the user's needs. Length of stay is one of those factors.

Depending on the length of the customer's stay, the price to pay for that trip will be determined. If the stay is long, the amount will be large. Most RV park owners charge based on the day of use, so prices will be adjusted based on the user's needs.

At some RV parks they have weekly rentals. With this service, the price may be lower or depending on the bargaining ability of both parties. For example, a park might charge $50 per night, but if you stay for a week, they might offer a discounted rate of $280, which works out to $40 per night.

Therefore, determining the need for length of stay is extremely necessary. If you and your group need to stay longer, you can discuss and negotiate with the RV park manager to save on trip costs.


Type of RV Park

The type of Rv park also plays an important role in determining its prices. If you are a connoisseur in choosing RV parks for vacation, you probably know how many popular types of RV parks are sought after by RVers. Because each type of park will have different prices.

Public parks: These parks are owned and operated by government agencies, such as state or national parks. They tend to have lower rates but may not offer as many amenities as private parks.

Private parks: These parks are privately owned and operated. To compete with public parks and bring in more profits, private parks are invested more thoroughly and have more diverse types of services. This is to attract customers with new and more classy experiences. And of course, along with quality, the price of this type of RV park will be higher than that of public parks.

Luxury parks: These parks cater to high-end travelers and offer top-of-the-line amenities and services. As expected, they also come with a higher price tag compare to all above.

Membership parks: These parks require a membership fee to access their facilities. While the initial cost may seem high, members often enjoy discounted rates and other perks. Normally, customers of this type of park are familiar customers. This type of membership park sounds luxurious and expensive, but it helps customers save a lot of money. This is also a way to make their customers come back and use the services at their park more again.

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Discount program.

During some seasons of the year, there will be mass discounts. No matter what field you are in, you can participate in those discount programs. This is when you can apply discount codes to your trip.

In addition, the government's preferential policies for military personnel, the elderly or children under 1 meter are also special incentives. Discount costs can be calculated from 10% of the total bill. Although they may not be big, they still help you save some money.

There are many RV parks that apply discounts for customers who return to use their services for 2 or more times. Or if you call to make a reservation in advance or book tickets through the website, you can also enjoy a discount program with good deals.

Size of RV

In some RV parks, the size of the RV affects the fees charged. A large RV will cost more than a compact RV. This is also reasonable because the parking area is larger and there are more utilities such as electricity and water.

Therefore, when calling to check and make a reservation, you need to remember to provide the size of the RV so you can have accurate information about the price they offer. This helps you balance your finances and the group's.


Some things to keep in mind when booking a spot at an RV park

Cancellation fee.

If you have made a reservation at an RV park, but something unexpected happens to you or your trip is canceled, your deposit may not be refunded. These are general regulations that most RV parks apply to ensure the rights and responsibilities of both parties.


RV resorts often have many services that you may not have thought of. When directly using the service you may want to participate and experience some other services. These are the fees incurred during your vacation. Please prepare yourself some spare money to use for these additional services.

Free stuff.

In addition to paid services, some parks also have free things included in the service package you choose such as swimming pools or gyms. Therefore, please ask the park management in detail about the policies and incentives you can take advantage of to ensure you do not miss out on your beneficial benefits.

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In short, to answer the question of whether an RV park is expensive depends on many of the factors mentioned above. If you choose a park far from the city center with a short stay, the cost will be cheaper than if you choose a park near the center and have a longer stay. However, if you are experienced in hunting for discount codes, it will most likely help you save a large amount of money.

In the end, every price you spend will be commensurate with the quality of service you receive. But to ensure you balance your financial spending and accumulate more experiences, choosing parks far from the city center can be quite an interesting choice. Wishing you many happy journeys.