Why Car Covers are the most important to protect your vehicles

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To avoid heat, dust, bird droppings, or other environmental impacts that affect your vehicle, using a car cover will bring many benefits to drivers who want to take care of and protect their cars. Preserve your beloved car. Below, CarCover shares with you the benefits of using car covers:

Basic concepts of car cover

Car covers are also known as car sunshades. This is a product used to protect your car from damage caused by sun, rain and small external impacts. Great uses of car covers include: protecting car accessories and interiors such as car dash cameras. In addition, this type of cover has a very high dust-proof effect, suitable for cars that have not been used for a long time.

Currently, sunshades are divided into two main types: regular sunshades and insulated sunshades. Awnings usually only have 1-2 layers of fabric and cannot shade cover. In contrast, heat-insulating corrugated iron is coated with reflective aluminum and has an internal heat-insulating layer. This helps the car be resistant to dirt and against high outside temperatures that affect the car's paint layer.

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Vehicles are adversely affected by environmental factors

Which type of car cover is best? 

There are many different types of car covers on the market. But as you know, this type of cover can be divided into two main types according to material: parachute cover and reflective aluminum cover, as follows:

Cover with umbrella fabric

Conventional car covers are made from one or two layers of parachute fabric. This type of cover is used to cover dust and sun for the car when parking outdoors or in the garage. Although the fabric is waterproof, it can withstand the effects of temperature inside the car and the finish of the paint is quite poor. Therefore, you should not use this type of cover if your car is left outside in the hot sun.

Heat-insulating reflective aluminum coated cover

Insulated car sunshade or reflective aluminum cover is the most valuable type of cover in terms of sun protection and heat insulation. Thanks to the reflective aluminum coating on the outside, this type of cover prevents the car from absorbing heat and solar radiation. In addition, this type of cover is also quite thick, helping to protect your car from scratches when parking, so it is worth buying.

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Rainwater, High temperature, and UV will remove the car paint

Benefit of using car cover

Protect car paint

Thanks to the structure and equipment of the car reflective sunshade, users can experience many uses when using it. Car covers are very important to prolong the life of the car and keep it looking beautiful. The car's paint layer easily peels off after long periods of exposure to sunlight, reducing the car's lifespan. From then on, the car lost its original shine and became old and dull.

However, with the protection of the cover, the vehicle's tire surface does not need to worry about the negative effects of hot weather. Covers are inevitable, especially for cars that often have to park in outdoor parking lots.

Protect car interior

The insulating properties of the cover help protect the vehicle's interior. Helps the temperature inside the car stay stable even when parked for long periods of time in the hot sun. Therefore, even the details in the passenger compartment are protected. In particular, the rubber parts inside the car are not affected by sunlight and produce toxins that affect the health of people sitting in the car.

In addition, the heat-resistant and insulating features for the vehicle also prevent the possibility of the vehicle burning or exploding due to excessive heat accumulation.

it is necessary to use the right car cover and fit

Stabilize the temperature in the car

The final and most important benefit of a car cover is its ability to stabilize heat inside the car. Thanks to the tarp, a few hours of sun exposure won't turn your car into a "single stove". The temperature inside the car is always kept at a normal level. Additionally, you don't have to be afraid to get into your car after parking in hot weather.

Helps the car avoid the hot sun

UV rays from the sun are one of the leading causes of damage to the exterior and interior of cars. Hot sun can cause the car's paint to fade quickly and tires to age quickly.

Car covers have the ability to cool down the temperature by 20-30 degrees compared to the outdoor temperature. And in addition, it also protects the car's paint layer from abrasive agents such as sunlight and rainwater.

This helps protect details in the cabin, especially parts made from rubber and vinyl. In particular, heat protection and insulation when the car is parked in the hot sun also helps prevent solvents and gasoline in the car from evaporating, minimizing the risk of fire and explosion.

Protect your car from heavy rain

They are gradually eating away at your beloved car. Leaving your car in the rain for a long time without protection will cause the paint to quickly fade and the exterior to deteriorate quickly.

Protect your car from dust and dirt

Certainly, when parking in the garage for a long time, it is inevitable that dust and dirt will stick to the car. If you intend to let your car rest for a long time, you should equip a set of car covers, wash the car thoroughly and cover your car with this waterproof dustproof jacket for complete peace of mind.

For those who often park their cars outdoors or in public parking lots, car covers are an indispensable choice, helping to keep their cars clean, beautiful and shiny.

Dirt is a very annoying thing everywhere in the world

Avoid letting bird droppings fall into the vehicle

Having bird droppings fall into your car is an extremely unpleasant situation that a car owner can encounter. In addition to being unsanitary, bird droppings can also erode the car's paint. Bird feces contain ammonium oxalate (C2H8N2O4) and urate, phosphoric acid and some other salts and impurities; Nitrates are also found in high concentrations in bird droppings. According to chemical analysis, bird droppings are 11-16% nitrogen (mainly uric acid), 8-12% phosphoric acid and 2-3% potassium carbonate.

These types of compounds contain acids strong enough to corrode your car's paint. Leaving bird droppings on the car undetected for a long time will cause the car's paint to peel off, which is very unsightly and costs a lot of money to maintain.

Helps the car avoid falling tree sap

Tree sap is a compound that sticks to cars and is very difficult to clean. They can create spots on glass surfaces and car paint. You will have to use specialized cleaning chemicals to clean them.

Avoid having your car covered in graffiti

One more thing that is also quite useful for homes with children. Smart car covers also help your family protect your car with the help of tiny artists.


Car covers also reduce the possibility of thieves looking at your car and stealing mirrors, logos or wipers.

you need to take care of your car 24/7 or use a car cover

Things to keep in mind when using car covers

There are also a few things to keep in mind when using car covers. These will help you become a smarter user and increase the effectiveness of the product. As follows:

Do not cover your car with cover when leaving the car outdoors for too long

Do not cover the vehicle if left outdoors for a long time. A cover will help keep your car cool. But covering it up and leaving it outside for days at a time will be counterproductive. In addition, the car's interior is also easily damaged due to being too tight and not well ventilated. So, if you need to leave your car outdoors for a few days, you may need to open the cover from time to time to deflate it.

It is necessary to pay attention to folding the car cover canvas properly

Fold the canvas properly. Car covers are usually quite large and quite heavy. Therefore, after use, the cover should be folded neatly for easy transportation and subsequent use. Plus, if you fold it, you don't have to worry about the cover getting dirty when not in use.

Buy canvas car cover at a reputable address

Buy canvas at reputable addresses. Buying a car cover on the market is no longer difficult. Because now there are many agents selling this product. However, not all distributors sell good, high-quality sunshade products and some sell poor quality products. Hot sun and heavy rain will affect your car with these poor quality products. Therefore, you should research and choose a reputable address to buy a car cover for yourself.

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outdoor covers should be suitable for the climatic conditions

Do not choose dark colored awnings

You should choose brightly colored canvases. Many people like to choose dark colored tarps, especially black, to look cleaner. But we don't know that dark colored covers will absorb more heat. Dark colors are usually colors that absorb heat from the sun. If you cover it with a dark colored cover, it will increase the car's temperature.

It's best to buy light-colored, two-layer car covers. The outer layer of the two-layer canvas is polyester coated with heat dissipation canvas, the inner layer is cotton canvas. This type of cover is used by many people because it is waterproof. Reduces the effects of heat radiation and is highly durable and easy to clean. If there are stains or dust, just gently spray water on it to clean.

Using covers and sunshades is essential to help protect and increase the life of your vehicle from the effects of weather. However, to be able to maximize its effectiveness, you need to use it properly.

The difference is the design that fits, hugs


How do car covers protect against weather conditions?

Car covers act as a shield, preventing exposure to harsh weather conditions like rain and snow, which can lead to rust and corrosion. They also offer UV protection, shielding the car from the sun's harmful rays that can fade the paint and interior.

Are car covers only useful outdoors?

While car covers are essential for outdoor protection, they are also beneficial when vehicles are parked indoors. They guard against dust, debris, and potential scratches that can occur even in a garage or storage facility.

Can car covers prevent damage from bird droppings?

Yes, car covers serve as a protective barrier against bird droppings, preventing the acidic content from damaging the vehicle's paint. This is particularly important as bird droppings can quickly deteriorate the finish if not promptly removed.

Do car covers fit all vehicle types and sizes?

Car covers come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different vehicle types, including sedans, SUVs, trucks, and more. It's essential to choose a cover that fits your specific vehicle to ensure proper protection.

Are there different types of car covers available?

Yes, there are various types of car covers, including indoor covers designed for protection against dust and scratches, outdoor covers for all-weather protection, and specialized covers for specific climates or conditions.

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Custom car cover tailored to fit specific makes

How do car covers prevent theft or tampering?

Car covers act as a deterrent to potential thieves, as they add an additional layer of complexity to gaining access to the vehicle. Additionally, covers make it less tempting for vandals to target a car that is visibly protected.

Can car covers be used on a daily basis?

Yes, car covers can be used daily to provide continuous protection for your vehicle. They are designed for easy installation and removal, making it convenient for regular use.

Are there any maintenance tips for car covers?

It's recommended to regularly clean and inspect car covers. Follow the manufacturer's care instructions, and if the cover becomes damaged or excessively dirty, clean it before putting it back on the vehicle.

Do car covers help maintain a vehicle's resale value?

Yes, by protecting the exterior paint and overall condition, car covers contribute to maintaining a vehicle's resale value. A well-preserved car typically commands a higher resale price than one that has been exposed to the elements without protection.

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Covers should have a soft inner lining

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the importance of car covers in safeguarding vehicles cannot be overstated. These protective accessories serve as a first line of defense against a myriad of environmental threats, including weather conditions, bird droppings, dust, and more. By investing in a high-quality car cover, vehicle owners can significantly extend the lifespan of their automobiles and preserve their aesthetic appeal.