8 Steps Wash Your Car for Beginners

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Among the countless ways to protect the cars from harmful elements, regular doing car washing is the most effective and important method to maintain its appearance. You can take your car to the car wash store for staffs to clean and renew it. For those who don't have much time or money, they can wash their car right at home. Though washing the car at home also requires a lot of experience and good skills to avoid causing unnecessary scratches and peeling, not everyone has experience doing it well. This article will show you 8 basic car washing steps with all the right tools, techniques, and procedures to easily get used to and achieve greater efficiency.

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Car washing is the most effective and important method

1. Choose the Right Time and Location

The first and most important step is to choose the right time and right location for washing the car. You should not wash your car on a rainy day or seriously hot weather. Please choose a day with cool weather and mild climate to carry out this work. Boiling hot weather will easily cause exhaustion and inconvenience for car washers. Sweating a lot will easily lead to dehydration status, and direct exposure to harsh sunlight will harm the skin with dark spots or freckles. Even car washers can get dizzy when working in extreme temperature conditions, which is especially serious for human health.

Besides, choose a reasonable car wash location. You can wash your car in a yard or lawn where there are no vehicles and many people passing by to avoid obstructing traffic as well as affecting safety to both drivers and car washers. Make sure that location has both good water supply system to serve cleaning and drainage system to avoid water stagnation that causes environmental pollution.

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Choose a day with cool weather and mild climate

2. Gather the Necessary tools

After choosing the appropriate time and location to wash the car, your next step is to prepare the necessary tools to serve the job. This is to help you avoid wasting time searching for tools when you need them. Please gather them in a location right next to the car wash so you can use them as quickly as possible. It's really annoying if you have to stop while washing your car to look for other tools.

The tools needed for car washing include a large bucket of water, car wash soap, hose or pressure washer, microfiber towel, wheel cleaner, tire brush, gloves or sponge and finally is a soft dry towel to dry the car after the car washing is finished. This is to avoid water stains on the car or soap residue.

Please note that the towel used to clean the car is a soft towel, without any objects stuck to the towel, which will scratch the car while you rub it. Furthermore, car wash soap is a gentle type with little chemical detergent to avoid fading the paint color.

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Prepare the necessary tools for car washing

3. Rinse Your Car with Water

Now let's get started on this interesting work. Turn on the water faucet and spray around the car once. The purpose is to remove dirt and debris from the car's surface to avoid scratches when rubbing. Besides, spraying water around the car's surface makes cleaning process faster instead of using a wet towel to wipe on a dry surface.

Remember to start spraying on the top of the car, then the areas around the body, finally is the wheels and other locations under the car. Always pay attention to letting the water flow evenly and reasonably at the top to avoid paint peeling, and use a strong stream of water to spray the wheels and underbody. Because this is where a lot of dirt accumulates very firmly, without high water pressure it will be very difficult to remove them.

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Turn on the water faucet and spray around the car once

4. Apply Car Wash Solution

After your car has been sprayed with water and removed dirt around the surface, the next step is to mix soap solution and clean. Dip a soft cloth in soapy water and gently wipe the car's surface. Pay attention to small details and hidden locations because these are places where dust and dirt easily accumulate. Make sure you don't miss any position from top to bottom, front to back, especially the lights and mirrors. Lights are position that must always be clean to ensure the best lighting when driving as well as clean mirrors to better observe surrounding obstacles.

Another important thing is not to forget to wear gloves during work because this helps prevent your hands from coming into direct contact with chemicals in soap. It has negative effects on the skin of your hands. Furthermore, wearing gloves helps you avoid dangerous scratches when you rub the car's surface. The car's surface may have sharp details that can cut your hands if you use your bare hands to clean the car. The consequences will absolutely not be small.

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Mix soap solution and clean

5. Scrub Wheels and Tires

Tires and wheels scrubbing are the next step after the vehicle's surface is completed. While cleaning the car's surface must be gentle, this is the time to use a lot of strength because you need to use a brush and scrub vigorously on the tire to remove stubborn stains. Apply the wheels with soap then use a tire brush to scrub the tires. Ensure that you clean all areas including the rims, spokes, and lug nuts. Rinse the wheels and tires with water to remove any excess dirt or grime after being scrubbed.

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Scrub vigorously on the tire to remove stubborn stains

6. Rinse the Car Thoroughly

After ensuring all stains are completely removed, spray water over the entire vehicle surface again to remove remaining soap and dirt stains. If you don't remove all the soap from the car, it will create very unsightly dirty streaks. Moreover, spraying water again helps make the surface cleaner and shinier. It also helps you see clearly the locations that are unfortunately missed. Observe carefully and wipe again any areas that are not really clean or missed positions. This is considered as the summary step because this is when the hardest work is completed, at this point your car looks very clean like a new car already.

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Spray water over the entire vehicle surface again

7. Dry Your Car with a Microfiber Towel

At this step, it seems like your work is going to be almost done. Use a dry cloth to gently and carefully wipe the car's surface. This step is to remove all water and soap residue so that the car looks shiny and completely spotless. Gently remove the moisture from top to bottom and look closely at hidden corners to identify missed areas. Although this step does not require much strength, it is considered an important step because if water and soap are not completely removed, moisture will accumulate and affect the equipment and electronic systems in the car. If the interior is damp, it will easily cause smelly and mold to grow in the car.

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Use a dry cloth to gently and carefully wipe the car's surface

8. Wax and Cover your Car

Once you dry the car's surface, your job is probably over. Your car now looks clean and new. However, to make your car look shinier and increase its longevity, you should wax it once. This helps protect the exterior paint layer better. Wax adds an extra layer to your car so you avoid direct contact with the paint when washing your car and removing dirt.

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Wax and cover your Car


1. Can I use dishwashing liquid to wash my car?

The answer is yes, it’s possible. However, dishwashing liquid is not really suitable for car washing. Use specialized soap water to wash your car because they have chemical ingredients that do not affect the car's paint surface. However, if the specialized car wash soap runs out, you can use dishwashing liquid instead.

2. Why must I use soft towels not used clothes when washing my car not used clothes?

Because using a soft towel ensures your car does not have hard, sharp objects scratching the car's surface. Accessories on old clothes are very dangerous items if you use them to clean your car. I sure the amount of money you spend on repairs and repainting is much more than the amount of money you spend on washing your car or buying a new towel for cleaning.

3. Can I wash my car with shampoo?

Although it is not very effective, you can still use shampoo to wash your car.

4. What soap is safe for cars?

We recommend that you should use dish soap.

5. What can I use instead of car wax?

If you don't want to use wax, you can try hair conditioner.

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Dishwashing liquid to wash your car


Now you have completed the 8-step process to wash your car in the most standard way. In general, washing your car regularly is essential to maintain a clean appearance and prevent any damage caused by dirt and debris. Even if you have never done this job, following the 8 steps suggested in the article above will be very effective and will not leave any negative effects on the car. And finally, don't forget to use a car cover to perfectly protect your car from bad outside factors.


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