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Black Satin BL - Black Car Cover for Volkswagen Super Beetle 1979 Convertible 2-Door

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Introducing the all new Black Satin Car Cover, the ultimate solution for indoor protection of your vehicle.

  • The fine woven threads and silky smooth fabric with a glossy finish will preserve the finish and detailing of your car, keeping it looking showroom-new.
  • The cover provides protection against dust, dirt, and scratches, ensuring your vehicle stays in pristine condition.
  • The Black Satin Car Cover not only offers a perfect fit but also comes with a money-back guarantee for your satisfaction.
  • We are so confident in the quality of our cover that we offer a full Lifetime Warranty., giving you peace of mind with your purchase.
  • Included with your purchase: Free Shipping, Lifetime Warranty, Storage Bag, and an Antenna Patch.

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The Black Satin Car Cover is the newest product in our lineup. Made for indoor use only, this top of the line indoor cover lends your car a sleek and stylish appearance. If you're in need of an indoor car cover that looks professional and provides a luxurious finish, the Black Satin is the product for you. This cover also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Composed of one (1) layer of breathable super soft Satin which offers an excellent value for indoor storage.
  • Gentle touches the car and protects the finish and the paint.
  • Indoor cover only, not recommended to put against the elements
  • Perfect for protecting your car indoor against dust, pets and scratches.
  • Fabric has a slight stretch to provide a more contoured fit.
  • Durable Overlapped Double-Stitched Seams.
  • The cover is guaranteed to fit your car perfectly and snugly.
  • Elastic lining in the front and back of the cover.
  • The cover can be washed in a machine or by hand (must be air dried).
  • Install in less than 30 seconds.
  • Weight: 8 pounds.
  • Color: Black
  • FREE Antenna Patch
  • FREE Storage Bag
  • FREE Shipping
  • LIFETIME warranty

What is the typical speed of delivery?
We strive to process and dispatch all orders on the same business day, and a tracking number will be sent to you via email within 24 hours. The estimated shipping time is typically 3 to 5 business days. For faster delivery, we also offer an express shipping option for an additional $30, which guarantees delivery within 1 to 2 business days.

What is the solution for the antenna on the car?
All our cover come with a free antenna patch, which allows you to place a hole on the cover for the antenna to go through and the patch seals the hole to insure zero leakage.

Can I customize a cover or mention that I have modifications to my vehicle (such as: camper shell, spoiler …)?
We can definitely tailor the cover to fit the exact specifications of the car. Those type of orders can only be made on the phone. You can call our experts at 1-800-916-6041, who will gladly help you chose the best cover for your specific car.

All orders ships within 24 hours.

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CarCover.com provides FREE shipping through UPS, FedEx, USPS, and CanadaPost for all orders to destinations within the United States and Canada.

If you require expedited delivery within 2 business days, you have the option to select EXPRESS Shipping during the checkout process for an extra charge of $30.00. For those in need of even faster delivery, we offer an overnight shipping service for an additional fee of $80.00.

Please note that EXPRESS and OVERNIGHT shipping options are not applicable for orders shipped to a PO Box address.

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Shipping time may vary however it usually takes 7-10 Business Days.

Tracking Number

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email confirmation containing the carrier details and a tracking number for your reference.

How does the warranty work?

Our warranty provides coverage against any defects in materials and craftsmanship, safeguarding your investment in our product. As the original purchaser, you have the opportunity to request replacement covers multiple times during your ownership tenure, provided you still retain possession of the item. It's important to note that this warranty is non-transferrable and applies exclusively to the original buyer.

Starting from the date of purchase, the warranty operates on a prorated basis. Therefore, if a replacement cover is required within a certain timeframe, there may be associated costs based on our prorated schedule.

It's important to note that CarCover.com will never ask you to ship back a defective item.

To ensure smooth processing, we kindly ask you to keep your receipt or order ID for any warranty claims.

How to file a warranty claim?

Send us an email to Warranty@CarCover.com and one of our agents can guide you through your claim. Make sure your email has: your full name, order ID, what's wrong, when it happened, and pictures showing the problem. We only handle warranty claims through email.

You can find additional information about our Warranty Policy in our Terms and Conditions.

Car Cover Installation Instruction:

  1. Position the cover over the vehicle ensuring the front side is facing you. The front can be identified by a tag, label, or logo.
  2. If your vehicle's antenna isn't retractable or removable, utilize the provided antenna patch with your cover. Refer to the ANTENNA PATCH INSTALLATION section below for details. When using the patch, ensure you pass the antenna through the cover first.
  3. If your cover comes with mirror pockets, fit them over the mirrors.
  4. Extend the cover over both the front and rear bumpers.

Car Cover Removal Instruction:

  1. Unhook the cover from beneath both the front and rear bumpers.
  2. Lift and fold both sides of the cover onto the vehicle's top, forming a strip about 2 feet (60 cm) in width.
  3. Beginning from the vehicle's front, fold the cover in sections of roughly three feet (1 meter) from the front towards the back.

Antenna Patch Installation:

If your antenna doesn't retract, our antenna patch is here to assist. It's straightforward to install and should take just a few minutes.

  1. Fit the cover onto your vehicle to identify the exact position where the antenna touches.
  2. The front of the cover is labeled with a tag. Begin by positioning this at the front, and then smoothly pull the cover towards the back of the vehicle.
  3. When you reach the point where the cover meets the antenna, mark this location.
  4. Carefully make a small cut at the marked spot for the antenna to pass through. It's best to keep the incision minimal to prevent external elements from penetrating under the cover.
  5. Align the antenna patch over this cut, allowing the antenna to slide through.
  6. The patch will restore the cover, ensuring it remains sealed and protected.

Cable Lock Installation:

The Cable Lock sets comprise the cable itself, the accompanying lock, and a key designed specifically for the lock. All of our car covers come equipped with two grommet holes situated at the bottom, in the middle, on both sides of the cover.

To use the steel cable effectively, it should be threaded through the loop at one end and securely fastened to itself at the opposite end, as illustrated. The cable is then passed beneath the vehicle, threading through the remaining grommet that is scratch-resistant, and finally, it is secured in place using the provided lock.

It's worth noting that the cable lock set is exclusively included with our Gold Shield 5L car cover only.

Cable Lock Installation


WARNING TO OWNERS OF REPAINTED VEHICLE: Applying a cover to a newly painted surface might harm it. If your car has recently been painted, please consult with your painter or body shop regarding the guidelines for using this cover.

CAUTION IN FREEZING CONDITIONS: On rare occasions, if a heavy downpour is immediately followed by temperatures plummeting below freezing, the cover might freeze to an ice layer formed between the car and the cover. If this occurs, DO NOT forcefully remove the cover. Should you need to take the cover off, pour warm water over the car and gently lift the cover, inspecting both its surface and the vehicle's during the process. If you feel any resistance, halt immediately — this means the ice hasn't fully melted. Pour more warm water on the affected area and continue.

CAUTION IN WINDY CONDITIONS: If you're in areas with high winds or storing your vehicle for a long time, ensure you fasten the provided buckles to snugly fit the cover under both the car's front and rear. This should be done even if you're using the optional lock and cable. This cover isn't a substitute for a garage. In strong winds, regularly check for any loose flapping. If wind gets beneath the cover, it might dislodge it or cause damage to the cover itself.

  • Do NOT cover a wet vehicle
  • Do NOT cover a hot tail pipe
  • Do NOT cover a vehicle with the windows or sun/moon roof open.
  • Do NOT cover a vehicle that has recently been painted
  • Do NOT cover a vehicle that has just been painted.
  • Do NOT cover a convertible vehicle with the top down
  • Do NOT cover a car directly after being driven. Let the car cold down before putting the car cover on.
  • Do NOT cover a car that has been exposed to the sun for an extended period. Ensure the vehicle has cooled down before putting on the cover.

  • Don't cover a wet vehicle. Make sure it's completely dry before putting on the cover.
  • Let your car cool down after driving before covering it. Covering a hot car can melt the cover and leave imprints on the paint.
  • Make sure the body of your vehicle is not excessively hot before installing the cover. It's best to do this in the morning when the car has cooled down and hasn't been in the sun for a while. If the car is too hot, the cover can leave marks on the paint because it might melt and leave an imprint.
  • If you've waxed your car, ensure that the vehicle is fully dry before installing the cover.
  • Close all windows, including sun/moon roofs, securely before installing the cover. For convertibles, raise the top before covering.
  • If your vehicle has been recently painted, consult with your painter or body shop before covering it. It's best to wait until the paint has fully dried to avoid potential damage.
  • Extended use of covers may cause damage to older vehicles, lacquer paint, or pre-damaged clear coat. We're not responsible for such damage.
  • Avoid using a cover on a vehicle that has been wrapped, as it may cause deterioration and discoloration.
  • Car covers are not made to protect against hail.
  • Our liability is limited to the original purchase price of the product. We're not responsible for any damage that may occur to your vehicle.

Adhering to these guidelines is essential. We won't be accountable for any damage to your vehicle if these instructions aren't followed.

It is very important to take good care of your car cover so that the performance of the cover is not affected. Many contaminants such as dirt, grease, oil, etc. can be very harmful to the cover’s performance and it might even deteriorate the cover to the point that the water resistance become invalid. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly wash your cover so that it can protect your vehicle more effectively for longer period of time.

The car cover can be washed either by hand (recommended) or by washing machine.

To wash the cover by hand, simply install the cover on your vehicle and use a water hose to remove all the contaminants, then use a cloth with any multi-purpose cleaner to wash the cover. Apply the water again, then use can use a dry cloth or towel to dry out the cover or simply let it air dry.

For washing machine cleaning:

  • Use the largest washing machine possible (for very large vehicles, it is recommended to use industrial size machines).
  • Put in on GENTLE mode.
  • Use mild powder detergent to clean the cover with cold water. DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener.
  • Rinse the cover twice in order to remove all the detergent.
  • Cover must be air dry.