How to Choose the Correct Car Cover

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Are you tired of buying mediocre car covers that simply won't work or hold up? You will never look at car covers the same way after reading this article. Hack the system and finally make car cover work for you!

We get it, it's easy to confuse when there are literally hundreds of websites and retailers claiming they have the best car covers out there. How can you tell which one's the real deal from the bunch that are not! This article will equip you with the knowledge you need to pick up the right car cover for your vehicle.


Not all car covers are created equal

Simply put, don't get carried away with unrealistic claims and bombastic advertisements. Rather, read between the lines. If the store doesn't provide a generous return policy or warranty period, chances are they know their car covers are not going to hold up for long. When it comes to car cover, you don't always pay what you get. Remember those flashy ads? Someone has to pay for those and more often than not, consumers are paying more for the ads than the product itself.

Once you have the car cover in hand, you can easily tell whether or not the car cover is going to hold up. Pay close attention to the fabric. If the fabric is cheap and lacks quality, no magic potion can make that car cover last. Also notice the finish and stitches – it's easy to notice a quality product from one that has uneven stitches, thread hanging out from the edge, missing stitches and so forth.

Once you have the car cover in hand, you can easily tell whether or not the car cover is going to hold up

Not all car covers are suitable for your need

Even when you have bought a quality car cover, that car cover may not have been tailored for your need. If you only got a dust car cover but you leave in a hot, humid condition and mostly parked outdoors – your car cover is not going to cut it. The fabric of a dust car cover is designed to keep dust off; not to provide protection against extreme heat or humidity.

To avoid this pitfall, consider evaluating your needs. Start by analyzing what kind of protection you need the most, what kind of climate and elements do you have to deal with, where you store your vehicle, exposure to elements, is it a vintage vehicle needing protection for its delicate paint/exterior or a newer vehicle? Once you have nailed down what kind of protection your vehicle needs, it's only a matter of time till you find the perfect car cover for your purpose at

Even when you have bought a quality car cover, that car cover may not have been tailored for your need

Not all car covers will fit your vehicle

Just like there's no glove that will fit every hand; there's no single size car cover that will fit every vehicle out there. You want a car cover that fits your vehicle just right: not too tight or not too baggy. If it's too tight, you risk the accidental poke and tears which will only get bigger as time passes. On the contrary, if you have a cover that's too big – it simply defeats the purpose. Not only does it look fugly; it won't be able to protect your vehicle from elements like dust buildup, humidity buildup and might actually end up creating a safe harbor for rodents and critters if placed on a vehicle that's in storage for prolonged period.

You want a snug fit that's easy to cover your car with and easy to pull off when not needed but not too loose. You can do a quick pull test to test the fit. Apply your car cover but don't tighten it. Pull your car cover with reasonable force (careful not to apply excessive force that may damage the cover), if the car cover creates a gap more than 8-inch then you're cover is too loose. On the other hand; if the car cover doesn't allow itself more than 3 inches from the exterior – it's too tight and will likely tear soon.

Each make, model and year has a unique dimension so it's imperative that you buy a car cover made specifically for your vehicle. Generic car covers are available but they provide a mediocre protection against elements. Check out our inventory at We have the largest inventory of car covers for virtually any make, model and year.

Just like there's no glove that will fit every hand; there's no single size car cover that will fit every vehicle out there

Not all car covers are built with similar protection capability

When you see different grades of car cover; don't expect similar protection. While the base grade (often branded as bronze) will provide reasonable protection against elements when parked indoors; Bronze covers will not provide adequate protection outdoors. Again, while the second-grade car covers (often branded as silver) will provide decent protection both indoors and outdoors under normal weather condition, they will simply not provide as thorough of a protection as the top-of-the-tier, Gold grade car covers provides against rain, snow, mud, slush etc.

This again goes back to our second guide – analyzing your need. Pick a car cover wisely only after you have carefully analyzed where you're parking your car and what kind of usage you'll have to determine the best protection.

When you see different grades of car cover; don't expect similar protection

What size car cover do You need

If the car manufacturer makes its own car cover, that's exactly what you need. But in fact, very few car manufacturers include this lawsuit. So You can only choose a relative car cover, based on the selection of the car brand, model and year of manufacture on reputable online car cover websites to choose the right car cover. best with your car.


Car cover size chart

Actually there are not many sizes, as you know the current sizes are cars like Sedan, SUV, Crossover, Limousine. So you just need to choose the right one for your car's make and model, and most car covers will fit your vehicle. You can experience it on our website: Moreover, we also have a return policy if you are not satisfied and a full-time warranty.



Like any purchase, car cover buying is about value. Don't confuse value with price. You can get a very inexpensive car cover but that won't be of good value if you must keep replacing your car cover every few months. On the other hand, if you invest in a quality, all-weather, outdoor car cover, chances are your car cover will outlast ten or more mediocre car covers. Admitted, you'll have a little bit of extra cash out of your pocket to start with, but you'll receive a quality product that will protect your vehicle for years to come.

If you're in the market for a quality car cover, consider We're the # 1 rated car cover store in North America and have the largest inventory of car covers for all makes, models and year. If you need help to pick the right car cover for your vehicle, feel free to call us at 1-800-916-6041 and one of your friendly customer advisers will go over all the nitty-gritty details to make sure you get a good deal on your car cover.

Like any purchase, car cover buying is about value


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