Should I Use a Car Cover in the Garage?

Most car enthusiasts are fortunate if they have a garage to store their car as it protects the cars beauty from seeds and leaves, to falling debris. In this article, we'll take a look if you should use a car cover in the garage.

Indoor Car Cover vs Outdoor Car Cover

Before deciding to purchase a car cover you must know the difference between an indoor and outdoor car cover.

  • Indoor car covers are made of soft materials that pamper your vehicle, they are lighter and easy-to-use. Indoor covers are softer compared to outdoor covers and allow breathing that helps in preventing condensation and heat.
  • Outdoor car covers are sturdier and made up of heavy materials, they have capabilities such as water resistance and UV protection.

Although outdoor car covers can be used as a replacement for indoor covers, these covers won't provide the gentle touch your car would need inside a garage.

Why Do You Need a Car Cover?

Although your car is fully protected from most of the outside harm there are still a few things that you need to consider. Apart from dangers of being banged and bumped by lawnmowers and bikes your car is still under a threat of potential attacks. Car enthusiasts are very careful when dealing with their cars as they are always looking for ways to protect their beauty. Let's take a closer look at why a car enthusiast like yourself needs a cover inside the garage:

  • Pollen and Dust

  • Pollen and dust are your car's old enemy and it can pile up, also dust can significantly damage your car's paint over the period of time. The autumn season brings its share of dust and dirt so as soon as you open your door autumn leaves will somehow find their way to rest on your vehicle.

    Pollen from springtime is as pervasive as a mosquito, you can't get it off easily so having a car cover might not be a bad idea.

  • Items Stored in Garage Might Damage Your Vehicle

  • Cars and trucks are subjected to impacts from sports equipment, lawnmowers, bikes, and objects that you place in your garage when you are out of space. If your children are a playful bunch, they will be targeting your car so go and get a car cover even if your vehicle is parked in the garage.

  • Spraying and Cleaning

  • Unlike people who dedicate their garage to their cars some people work inside the garage and as a result there is a part that needs reconditioning or cleaning. If you do work inside, your car is subjected to any slip up you might make. Using a car cover would protect your car from sparks caused by grinding wheels and accidental impacts from tools. In addition, any dust produced while you are shining your carpentering skills would have no effect on your car.

  • Moisture

  • During humid weather conditions you may notice some vapors on your car even when parked inside. Condensed vapors can adversely affect your car's chrome-plated surfaces and can result in pitting or discoloration.

    If you are a sea person that lives somewhere near the ocean, moisture combined with salt water spray can become a corrosive force that will endanger your vehicles beauty.

    Using a car cover inside your garage will keep your car safe from moisture and will prevent moisture trapping.

  • Pets

  • Pets are the joy of a house but if they spend their time inside your garage beware! Pets are very eager to explore, which could lead them to your car. Claws can damage the paint or leave marks and the best way to avoid any unnecessary scratches is to get yourself on the market and buy yourself a car cover.

  • Protect your Paint

  • Car's paint is like hair gel, you remove it and it looks ugly. If you don't want to get a new paint job every year you should get yourself a car cover. Even inside the garage using a cover will keep the car paint from scratching, fading, cracking and discoloring convertible tops as well as preventing vinyl from disintegrating.

  • People

  • One of the reasons you should be using a car cover inside the garage is unconcerned people who will randomly touching your car without care and love. If your garage door is open and your neighbor decides to water his or her lawn water might splash on your car.

  • Retains Car Value

Using a cover inside your garage has another benefit, it keeps your car new. If you are looking to buy a more luxurious beauty and you want to sell your ex-beauty, trust me, the idea of you using an indoor cover for your car would attract many potential customers. People would be attracted to how you maintain your car and thus, your car will retain its value. So, customers are impressed by the fact that you take care of your car.

Drawbacks of Car Cover

Having a good car cover inside the garage has many benefits, however, there are some drawbacks.

  • Scratches

  • One of the most common drawbacks of car covers is the potential of low quality material scratching your vehicle. If you use high-quality indoor covers and install it properly, you will never scratch the 'love of your life'.

  • Mildew, Mold, and Condensation

If you buy a cheap; low-quality car cover, it will prevent breathing and that can result in building dew or condensation under the cover. Mildew and mold can grow if moisture is not dealt with properly and that can leave stains on your car. Removing stains is a whole other challenge in itself even if you use machine polishing. Quality covers prevent this issue so don't hesitate to spend an extra buck.


Using a car cover inside the garage can significantly help in retaining the beauty of your car. Covers are usually for extra protection that will take care of your car so don't be shy and grab yourself a quality car cover.