Should I Use A Car Cover In The Garage?

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Cars are valuable assets. As a car owner, you definitely want to do everything to keep your car always in good condition and durable over time. A question that often causes debate among vehicle owners is whether to use car covers when parked in the garage or not? Some people think that it is redundant, but others appreciate the use of car covers even in the garage. So what is the correct view? The following article from the team will analyze and evaluate the question of whether or not to use car covers in the garage.

Protection from Dirt and Pollutants

The first thing a car cover does when parking in a garage is protecting the car from dirt and pollutants. Even though the car is parked in the garage, dirt and pollutants always exist in the air that are difficult to see with the naked eye. Dirt that accumulates on the car for a long time will leave stains, rust and even mold. Dirt may seem harmless at first, but the consequences they leave behind are not small. Besides dust and dirt, other forms of pollution in the air such as hoarfrost or pollen floating in the air can erode the car's exterior, especially materials made from metal such as screws or handles, door. If you don't protect them from frost, the cost to repair them is not small.

Therefore, using car covers in the garage is a good way to help protect cars from dust and pollutants.
If you use an outdoor car cover in your garage, it may trap moisture underneath and cause mildew, mold, or condensation to form on your vehicle (Image souce: Northwestautosalon))

Prevent the Impact of Weather

Another reason why you should use a car cover in garage is to prevent the impact of negative environmental factors such as rain, snow, and hail. Even though you park your car in a covered garage, the phenomenon of flying rain, wind or leaking roof are also reasons why your car will be negatively affected even if parked in the garage. If your car is impacted by rain, snow or even hail, the consequences are dire. Natural rainwater often contains acids, which can fade paint colors, wear out metal equipment, and even seep into the interior and cause major consequences such as equipment damage and mold growth. Rainwater can short-circuit the power supply inside the car, and it can also leave an unpleasant odor inside your car.

Therefore, using a car cover to prevent the impact of rain, snow, and hail is practical and very useful for your car even if it is parked in the garage.

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Using a car cover to prevent the impact of rain, snow, and hail is practical and very useful for your car.

Reduce the Effects of UV Rays

UV rays from the sun are harmful to both people and objects when exposed to them, especially the interior and exterior of cars. Even though you park your car in the garage, you cannot avoid the rays of sunlight. For areas that often have intense sunlight, this is quite a concern. When exposed to UV rays for a long time, it will have a negative effect on the car's surface. UV rays will fade the paint color, fog up the glass, and they can even cause the temperature inside the car to increase if the sunlight shines directly on the car surface. Besides, when exposed to sunlight for a long time, composite plastic parts can warp, which is where rainwater can seep into the car's interior. If your parking spot in the garage is not exposed to the sun in the morning, it will be exposed to it in the afternoon. Therefore, using car covers in the garage also helps preserve paint color and protect the car from the harmful effects caused by UV rays.

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UV rays from the sun are harmful to both people and objects when exposed to them.

Protection from Impact and Scratches

A public garage is a place where many people and vehicles pass by, so the possibility of impact or scratches is inevitable. Or even when you park in your garage, children playing or pets' sharp claws are entirely possible. So wherever you park your car, the risk of collisions and scratches is a concern. Using a car cover to minimize damage from impacts or scratches is a very smart way. The vehicle cover acts as a protective layer between the vehicle's surface and sharp objects, helping to limit gravity from impacting the vehicle. Although they may not protect the vehicle's surface 100% effectively, they can generally reduce the effects by 50-70%. This is also a way to help you reduce the cost of repairing and renewing damaged equipment on your vehicle.

Using a car cover to minimize damage from impacts or scratches is a very smart way.

Reduce Impact from pet fur and Bird droppings

In America, there are many people who have the habit of taking care of pets. They consider pets as close friends and those close friends can accompany them anytime and anywhere. However, besides pet owners, there are also many people who have fur allergies. They become sensitive when exposed to fur. Even a small hair fur scare them into an allergic reaction and put them in danger. Therefore, using car covers in public places can help limit pet fur from sticking to the car. Besides, using car covers also helps vehicle owners limit car washing due to bird droppings. Bird droppings contain acids that can erode the paint layer and damage the vehicle's aesthetics.

Bird droppings contain acids that can erode the paint layer and damage the vehicle's aesthetics.

Maintain Vehicle Value

Preserving your car in the best condition after a period of use is also a way to help you protect your own assets. Besides, this helps maintain the value of the car. If you intend to resell the car when you no longer need it, the value of the car will still be maintained, which means the selling price will also be higher than a repaired car. So, no matter where your car is parked, using a car cover to fully protect the car is smart and useful.

Using car cover helps maintain the value of the car.

Reduce Cleaning and Maintenance Frequency

As mentioned above, parking the car in a garage without using a cover causes the car to be covered in dirt, debris, leaves, and bird droppings. These factors can bring negative effects to the vehicle's surface. Therefore, users must regularly wash their cars at car wash facilities to keep it in good condition. Although the cost for each car wash is not much, after a long time the amount is not small. Besides, the car being bumped, scratched and rusted are problems that need to be maintained. Frequent problems and maintenance risks also cost a lot of money. Therefore, using car covers not only helps you save money on frequent car washing but also reduces car maintenance costs.

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Reduce -Cleaning-and-Maintenance-FrequencyReduce -Cleaning-and-Maintenance-Frequency
Users must regularly wash their cars at car wash facilities to keep it in good condition.

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Some tips for choosing car covers

Car covers are a necessary device to protect cars from negative environmental influences on the car's surface. However, today there are countless different brands and types of covers on the market. To choose a good product for themselves, buyers first need to determine the correct type of cover and their own needs.

Here are some of the most popular ones:

Indoor car covers: They are specifically designed for indoor use and provide protection against dust, dirt and scratches.

Outdoor car cover: This type is heavier and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and UV rays.

All-weather car covers: As the name suggests, these covers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and offer protection against all types of weather.

The important thing that each user needs to note is to choose the appropriate product based on the weather conditions of their area. If the area you live in has long winters with frequent rain and snow, you should choose a waterproof cover to prevent water from seeping inside the car. And if the location you live in has high temperatures and harsh sunlight, a UV-resistant cover is a smart choice.

When it comes to protecting your vehicle from impacts and scratches, the material of the car cover plays an important role. Look for covers made from soft, non-abrasive materials like cotton or flannel. Avoid covers made from rough materials such as polyester, as they can scratch the vehicle's surface.

Outdoor car covers are designed for use outside but can also be used in garages if desired.


In conclusion, using a car cover in the garage can provide numerous benefits for your vehicle. From protecting it from dirt and pollutants to reducing the impact of weather and UV rays, a car cover can help keep your car in top condition. It can also save you time and money by reducing the frequency of cleaning and maintenance required for your vehicle. Ultimately, the decision to use a car cover in the garage depends on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your vehicle. However, considering all the potential benefits, it may be worth investing in a good quality car cover to protect your valuable asset.


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