A Motorcycle Cover Buyer's Guide

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Do you need a motorcycle cover to protect your vehicle? The article below introduces the most commonly used types of motorcycle covers. If you don't know which type of motorcycle to buy to suit your vehicle, please refer to this article.

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A motorcycle cover protect your vehicle

Half Cover

Half cover is a type of cover suitable for regular use. If you want a cover that just covers the seat of your bike so it's ready to sit on, the Half cover will definitely be the perfect choice. Designed to be small, light and easy to store, half covers are one of the most commonly used types.

True to its name, this type of cover only covers half of the top of the bike, the bottom part is exposed, so if you intend to use it in harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow, you should not. On the contrary, in easier conditions, with mild and mild sunshine, half cover will be the most ideal choice.

Half cover is suitable for regular use

Scooter Cover

Scooters are a popular type of vehicle used today. Scooter cover is made from water-resistant polyester, preventing harmful sunlight from damaging the vehicle's paint layer. Additionally, the elastic bottom will fit the scooter snugly. This type of cover also has washers on the front and bottom, making it easy to install the lock.

Scooter cover is made from water-resistant polyester

Cheap Full Cover

Cheap full cover is a specialized cover for large motors. It is equipped with a lightweight, water-resistant polyester shell that can resist external factors such as rain, snow, sunlight, etc. Although quite cheap, these covers have heat-resistant panels to dissipate heat from the engine and exhaust. Additionally, it also has soft linings to prevent scratching the paint or windshield.

Because this type is quite cheap, you should consider it if you want to use them frequently and under harsh weather conditions. Please think carefully before buying.

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Cheap full cover is a specialized cover for large motors

Stretch Cover

Stretch cover is a more expensive cover with stretchable cover. The cover fits tightly and will fit the bike like a tailor-made suit for the vehicle. It is capable of keeping out dirt and debris. On the outside, you'll find ventilation, reflective panels and three layers of material. On the inside, a soft lining protects the vehicle's outer layer from scratches and the seams also help repel water if it rains.

Stretch cover is a more expensive cover

Sportbike Cover

Sportbike Cover is a type of cover used for sports motorbikes. This cover is 100% waterproof with electronically taped seams. In addition, It is also resistant to ultraviolet rays. An elastic lining on the bottom creates a snug fit, while vents reduce condensation. Furthermore, you will also find heat-resistant panels to dissipate heat from the engine, soft lining to protect the windshield.

Sportbike cover used for sports motorbikes

Adventure Cover

Sports bikes have quite unique shapes, so there must also be a cover suitable for these shapes - Adventure Cover. They are designed high, long and wide to cover the entire shape of the vehicle. The features of this type of cover are similar to other types of covers, they only differ in shape.

Adventure cover are designed high, long and wide

Full-Size Cover

Full-size Cover is a large-sized cover, enough to cover your entire motorbike. These covers are larger than regular covers, heavy and can withstand impacts. On the inside are soft linings, heat-resistant panels to dissipate heat from the vehicle and ventilation panels to help drain water and moisture.

For some models, it will be equipped with a rear zipper that makes installation a little easier and allows you to access the saddlebag without having to remove the whole thing.

Full-size Cover is a large-sized cover


Above are the most commonly used types of motorcycle covers. Depending on the type of vehicle and weather conditions, you should make reasonable choices. Investing in a cover for just under $100 will be a super profitable investment that you should not miss.