When selecting a car cover for purchase, there are several aspects of the car covers that must be considered. Not only must you analyze the short-term benefits of the gold standard car covers over the silver, you also have to be aware of the long terms costs such as replacement and repair that could make the inferior Nissan Altima Car Covers much more expensive to own when compared to the superior option.

New And Improved Material Used

The silver covers are only sufficiently equipped enough to guard your vehicle under light weather conditions such as small rain, wind, and sun. But the new and improved gold Altima Car Covers are designed with a new material that has been specially crafted to ultimately protect your car against any type of turbulent and severe weather conditions, including snow, ice, rain, UV rays and high winds.

Additional Layers Of Protection

The silver Altima Car Covers are built with only 3 durable layers, while the gold covers are constructed with a total of 5 layers of protection. This is added in order to guarantee that your car will remain completely dry, even under the most strenuous weather conditions. Even more, the gold car covers are made with the same One layer of Micro-Porous material that creates a breathable layer of protection that will effectively prevent the build up of moisture that causes mildew and mold to grow rapidly. In addition, the gold Nissan Altima Car Covers are built with a layer of extremely soft fleece made of cotton that makes contact with the car in order to fully protect the paint and gloss of the vehicle.

Lifetime Warranty

The silver Nissan Car Covers are only accompanied by a 10-year warranty. While this may seem like a lengthy time frame, you will most likely have your car for more than a decade especially if you take especially good care of it and keep it covered when not in use. Also, 10 years is the life expectancy of the Altima Car Covers, which means that the materials are not expected to last a lifetime.

But in comparison, the gold Nissan Car Covers come with a lifetime warranty that will never expire. This means that for as long as you own the vehicle, the car cover will remain in optimum condition and work just as effectively. That also means that the car cover is fully equipped to have an infinite lifetime expectancy, simply because the Nissan Altima Car Covers are constructed using the most superior materials that the manufacturers can stand behind 100%.