Dodge Journey Car Covers are not only about quality and style. They are also about choice. You have the option to chose between Gold, Silver, and Bronze - but before you assume that the Gold cover is the best, or the Bronze one is the most reasonable choice, we will spend some time with the Silver Journey car cover and find out just what makes it perfect.

With the Silver, Dodge Journey car cover your car will be protected - and taken care of.

Dodge car covers are known for their high-quality protection against water, and the Silver cover offers not one but two layers of complete, 100% protection. Composed of Polypropylene PLUS, both layers are water resistant and water repellent, and shield your car not only from rain but from wind and UV rays.

However, Journey car covers take things one step further. Two layers of guaranteed protection are phenomenal, but is this all your car needs? An additional layer composed of Micro-Porous film prevents oxidation, condensation, and water build up, actively ensuring that the car is allowed to breathe. Like a magic cape, the Dodge car covers provide super powers to your car against all the ways water can sneak up on it.

And this is not where it stops. The Silver Journey car cover protects against heat damage, animals, dust and other pollutants, and due to the reinforced grommets built into the design, it also protects itself from theft.

With Dodge Journey car covers comfort is not a happy coincidence or a side effect - it is a priority.

The antenna on the car has been a perpetual challenge for most car covers, but the Silver Journey car cover offers a simple and elegant solution. You will be supplied with a free antenna patch which provides you with the freedom to place a hole in the cover exactly where it’s needed, and then seals the whole preventing any leakage.

In a complicated world, Dodge Journey car covers make life easy and simple.

Taking care of your car can become an exhaustive, time-consuming and frustrating experience. Not with the Silver Journey car cover. Worried about the time you’ll need to install it? It takes 30 seconds or less. Worried about fitting the car into it? It not only has an elastic lining on the front and the back to achieve maximum flexibility, although this already guarantees a perfect and snug fit between your Dodge and your Dodge car cover. It also has two buckles and straps attached to the front and back, ensuring an extra tight fit. Worried about maintenance and storage? You can wash it both by hand and in a machine. It comes with a free storage bag, lock, and cable. The Dodge Journey car cover takes full care of your car while requiring nothing in return.