My BMW 650i is the love of my life, but I actually love the BMW car covers more. It is the shield and armor for my car when I cannot physically protect my BMW. It keeps my car looking like new, and I appreciate how well constructed the cover is. They so resilient against the the sun, rain and even thieves that I honestly cannot see myself ever going without a car cover on hand again. It just does not make sense to me when I see a person who has a second car, a luxury car that they paid a lot of money for, and yet it is sitting uncovered in the driveway or yard.

First and foremost , I love the way they fit on the car. I remember one time when I come home to find that my car cover for my other car was on the ground, but the BMW 650i car cover was still in place and intact. This was after a heavy storm that blew down branches and shingles from roofs. The wind was strong enough to damage trees and houses, but not strong enough to remove my car's protective cover. With such a snug fit, I never let my car weather the storm without the car cover. What is better is that I always know that the cover will still be in place after the storm. That is one less thing to worry about while watching the rain and hail damage everything else.

The protection from weather is another reason these car covers are my favorite. Whenever there is a storm or some sort of inclement weather, I always and consistently shield my car with the BMW car covers. Just like the previous storm was not strong enough to rip the car cover off the my BMW, it also was not strong enough to make the car cover inoperable. The morning after the storm, I expected the car to be somewhat wet. No car cover is completely waterproof, and it is often that even when shielding from the rain, the car cover cause condensation to accumulate between the cover and the car. I always take the cover off after a storm because I learned my lesson the hard way. I left a car cover on a different car for a few weeks without thinking about it and when I finally lifted up the cover, there it was. A disgusting layer of mold and mildew growth on the car and cover that smelled awful. But to my surprise, these car covers, while equipped to repel the rain from the top, is also breathable enough to allow the moisture trapped between the car and its' cover to escape quickly.

But the most promising aspect of the covers that makes me love them so much is how effective they are deterring people from stealing my car while it sits in my driveway. I never have to worry about someone peaking in my vehicle, looking for something to steal in the middle of the night. With the car cover, nobody knows what is in there but me. Once time I caught some young kids lifting up my car cover to get inside. It was about 4:30 in the morning, so it was still dark outside. I am assuming that is what made them think no one would catch them.

The truth is, when I caught them, they were struggling with the cover, having a hard time getting it off. Not because it was difficult, but because Dumb and Dumber were so nervous about someone seeing them that they frantically were pulling the cover back and forth with no coordination. They were going back and forth long enough to stall their progress, giving me enough time to catch them in the act and scare them off with nothing damaged; not even the cover. If it had not been for the cover, the two thieves would have been off like a thief in the night with my car, and it would have been too late to stop them. Thank goodness the cover slowed them down, and trust me, I am forever grateful that they are great deterrents and time wasters.