Why Do I Need A Waterproof Car Cover?

There is some debate on whether a car cover can be truly waterproof. Customers may be wondering if they need a waterproof cover and where they can find a high quality car cover for their vehicle. We answer those questions and help you find the right car cover for your needs. Check out our helpful tips here.

- It’s just water, right?

- Wrong!

Water is one of the worst enemies of your car. Not only do rain and snow promote rust, if they invade your electrical system, then that can spell near disaster for you and your vehicle.

Cars are made of metal and metal rusts. Water causes rust. So why would you think it’s safe to leave your car unprotected in the rain and snow? Waterproof car covers not only protect your car from the sun and debris, but they also protect it from water.

Rainwater contains chemicals that can be damaging to the finish of your vehicle. Even though automotive paint is durable and some have “built in” protections, there is only so much they can do to prevent the color and shine from the abuse they take from the elements.

A high quality waterproof car cover can stop moisture from rain, snow and condensation from touching your car. This is especially important if you do not have access to inside storage for your vehicle and must leave it parked outside.

Even with a hard rain or significant snowfall, with water pooling on the car cover or snow piling up on top of it, the moisture will not reach the car’s surface.

Vehicle owners who live in areas with high rainfall can especially appreciate the need for a waterproof car cover. They can attest to the destruction water has on a vehicle. Be mindful when searching for a waterproof car cover as they are not the same as weatherproof car covers. Weatherproof car covers give no guarantee against moisture. Unless a car cover is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof, it will not protect your car in wet conditions.

At CarCover.com, we offer our Gold Shield 5L Car Cover that comes with that 100% guaranty against water. We stand behind our product and are confident that you will be completely satisfied with its protection abilities.

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