A quality car cover should be the cornerstone of every car care package. However, with an overwhelming number of retailer selling car covers and everyone claiming their car cover to be the very best, things aren't straight forward when it comes down to choosing the best protection money can buy. In this article we'll try to shed some light on what to look for when purchasing a car cover.

You probably have a lot of money invested in your car. You either paid a handsome price for it or had some fancy upgrades or custom work done. Now you want to make sure you protect it and the money you have spent.

Having a garage might not be enough to protect your investment. A car cover is a must have whether you park inside or outside.

Let's look at some things you need to consider prior to purchasing a car cover.

What type of vehicle are you protecting?

Is the car your daily driver, recreational vehicle or your classic hobby car? The answer to this question is your first step to choosing a car cover for your vehicle.

If the car is your daily driver, you will want a car cover that is easy to put on and take off and stores easily. When you are running late for work, the last thing you want to do is fight with an unwieldy car cover. That's not how you want to start your day.

If you don't use the car that often, then you may want to choose a cover that has a bit more protection.

The car cover should be a bit heavier if the car is a classic or antique. Since it probably doesn't get used as often, you can deal with a heavier car cover that will protect scrapes and scratches that may occur.

Where will you keep your vehicle?

Depending on where your car will be parked is the next step in determining the type of car cover your will need for your vehicle.

If your car is kept in a private garage then you can probably get away with some lightweight protection to prevent scratches and other paint damage from the people coming in and out of the garage. Opt to go with a heavier material if it's your antique or classic car.

A public parking garage may warrant a car cover with a bit more protection due to the heavy traffic and exposure to elements in an open air garage.

When there is no indoor storage available, you're going to want to opt for a heavier car cover to protect against debris and the elements. A weatherproof or waterproof car cover would be a good choice here.

What are the weather conditions?

The type of weather you experience plays a big role in deciding on a car cover option. Sunny, hot conditions will not require a heavy car cover, but one that offers protection from UV rays and can block the sun's rays from beating down on your interior will work perfectly.

Constant wet conditions should prompt you to look at heavier car covers with weatherproof material or even waterproof properties in extreme conditions.


The fit of the car cover maybe the most important car cover characteristic. You need to make sure the car cover is a near perfect fit. If the car cover is too small, you risk damaging the paint when you struggle to put it on and take it off. Also, it will not fully protect the vehicle.

If the car cover is too large, you risk it blowing off with even the slightest wind, leaving your car unprotected and potentially ruining the car cover.

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