What Color should be my next car

You are buying a car and wonder what color of your new car should be? When you have decided on the brand, the model and the motorization of your new vehicle, many have a big time problem when choosing what their new car will be like in regard of the color tone. The color choice speaks of something more related to the character of the owner. In this review see how the world buys and what are color preferences of those latent shades our individuality.

If you choose white, black, silver or gray then you're completely cool and in line with the latest trends. If you choose green, yellow or brown, then you could be in a kind of a trouble because these colors are completely unpopular.

As much as 29% of customers choose white to be the color of their next car.

29% of customers choose white to be the color of their next car

Still, around the world, when purchasing new cars, the white is the most popular color. In Africa every other new car is white (quite understandable due to high temperatures) but the color of white is highly represented throughout all markets. Only in India, the silver is more popular than the globally most represented white.

The second of the top-of-the-line popularity list is the black color chosen by 19% of new car owners. Black is particularly popular in China, and with 24% stands on the first place, and in a high percentage of 21% black is also popular in Europe. Black cars in India are bought by only 4% of customers.

The third in the top list of popularity is silver color, which is chosen among 14% of new car owners from around the world. We've already said that silver color is extremely popular in India where every third customer chooses the silver color for his new car.

Apart from helping to personalize the appearance of the car, a variety of effects also emphasize the body line and, consequently, the character of the vehicle.

The world's fourth best-seller is gray with 12%, most of which is sold in Europe (16%) and least in South America (4%). The red color is most popular in Mexico and North America (12%), and globally, 9% of customers buy a car of a velvet spectrum. Only 6% of customers in the world decide on blue color, but it is the most popular in Europe and Russia where every tenth car has a blue color. Blue is the least favored in South America (1%).

Brown and beige are represented worldwide with 5%, and most are bought in Russia and India (7%). Yellow or gold is favored by only three buyers in every 100 new car owners from around the globe. In China, however, 7% of customers love these royal colors. All other types of colors and their multicolored combinations from around the world sum up to only 2%. Green is the least popular color for cars around the world, with only 1% of customers who selected it. Green is of course the most popular in the UK.

About 78 percent of all cars sold in 2017, were painted in white, black, gray or silver shades, which continued the current trend of previous year.

The two equally important aspects that shape the modern world we live in are the enchantment of the virtual world and the desire for the personalization. The theme that comes to the forefront when it comes to previous years collection prepared by BASF is "Parallax," a concept that leads to the appearance of objects moving off or changing depending on the angle of viewing.

At a global level, the vague relationship between the virtual and the physical world becomes visible in the spectrum of automotive colors. Synthetic, metallic-blue, silver and white nuances are frontrunners of digitization of our everyday lives. Chromatic colors and natural shades show a contradiction, a search for authentic experiences and emotions, especially in urban areas.

Psychologists analyze the relationship between the color of the car and its owner and conclude the following:

  • Those choosing a black color are mostly ambitious people who want to portray themselves as successful, dominant. Black denotes luxury, and smaller and cheaper cars are given a dose of energy and power.
  • Owners of red cars are open, impulsive, dynamic, energetic, and mostly younger people. While men want to be represented as attractive and striking, women perceive red as fun and confidential.
  • Silver selection a choice made by a person with a sense of style, often successful. The color of technology, innovation, steel, metal, cold, technology and security.
  • White is a choice of a practical person.
  • The yellow color is associated with intelligence, warmth, optimism, and people who like reading, but also fast driving and exploring. It attracts young people and children, who adore yellow color precisely for the sake of tremendous tone and a sense of courage, or craziness, if you wish.
  • People who choose a gray color are reliable and have a good taste. They are careful drivers, calm and meticulous. Although color itself emanates with the sense of technology and perfection, the added emotions that follow it are dignity, tradition, and maturity.
  • A blue car is favored by social and friendly people. From sky blue to dark blue, worlds most diverse color used to paint cars, represent mean safety, sincerity, serenity, and true family environment.

Some sports cars would look bad in earth colors, while a red family car would give away a wrong impression, according to Nancy Lockhart, a color marketing manager of Axalta Coating Systems from Detroit.

It is well known that scratches and damage, as well as dirt, are most noticed on black and dark blue. White is also not grateful for this matter, while dust is the least noticeable on gray and gray-metallic cars. It's not too bad to know that car thieves do not like cars of bright, noticeable colors, or at least that's what the statistics of stolen vehicles claim. The most stolen cars are ones in black, white and silver tones. Cares in white can often be bought for a slightly lower price than ones in other colors, while metallic variant comes with a price tag of its own. Lighter painted cars tend to have slightly lower insurance premiums than cars of a darker spectrum because colors like white and silver are easier to see and therefore less likely to be involved in accidents.

In hot countries, lighters cars are more popular. Extreme sun can really make the car paint color fade. Recently, a large amount of people located in the South of the United States has been buying carports and car covers to protects their vehicle against extreme sun.

red car under a carport

Finally, whether you want to follow trends or you want to stand out with the color representing your character, our advice is to find a fine balance between practicality and individuality.