If you’ve recently purchased a car cover from us, you might’ve noticed that we included a nice care package for you at no added cost. We did this as a ‘thank you’ for giving us a try. The freebies include a storage bag, a pair of buckle straps, and a secure lock for your car cover.

1)     The storage bag

The storage bag is for you to store your car cover in when it’s not in use. The bag is made of durable materials that are moisture repellant, keeping your cover in good condition long-term. Maintain your car cover by removing debris from its surface and then carefully folding it, prior to placing it inside the storage bag.

2)     The buckle straps

Each of our car covers is custom-made to fit every make, model, and year of car. They’re also backed by our Perfect Fit Guarantee, including tailoring, side-view mirror pockets, and a grommet for your antenna. The freebie buckle straps can be used to eliminate several minor gaps in the fitted car cover to make an airtight seal. You won’t need the buckle straps for everyday use however we recommend using them for long-term vehicle storage. They’ll also provide superior protection against insects, pollen, moisture, dust, and critters, as well as guarantee that your cover won’t fly off in very strong winds.

You can also use the buckles to store your car cover. Secure your car cover with the buckles, to keep it from unfolding. You can then toss the car cover inside your car trunk for storage however we always recommend placing it inside its storage bag first and then putting it away.

3)     The secure lock

The secure lock provides security against car theft. We recommend using the secure lock if you get stuck in an overnight parking lot that’s prone to crime. The lock attaches to the car cover’s buckle straps, locking them into place. This makes it trickier for would-be thieves to remove the cover, exposing your car, as well as its contents.


While other car cover stores and websites will charge you extra for a storage bag, buckle straps, and a secure lock, here at www.CarCover.com, we include them for free. We’re in this business for long haul and we acknowledge that when we take care of our customers, our customers take care of our business. There’s a reason why we’re the #1 rated car cover store in North America. Give us a try today and experience car covers like never before.