Ever wonder why you need a waterproof car cover? What is it that makes waterproof car cover standout from ordinary car covers? Can you use a waterproof car cover both indoors and outdoors? If you ever asked any of these questions, you need to read this article. Don't buy a car cover without reading this article first.

Not all car covers are built the same; there are car covers that are engineered to provide year round protection both indoors and outdoors and there are car covers that have specialized use. And of course, you have some knock off car covers that are good for nothing. When you research your car cover, pay attention to the retailer or website where you’re making your purchase from. Make sure you buy from a reputable website or retailer to ensure you don’t get a knock off. Carcover.com is one of the most reputable websites out there and we specialize in designing and manufacturing all-weather as well as specialized car cover for virtually every make, model and year of vehicle that has ever been driven.

Is water bad for your car?
Water by itself is not necessarily bad for your car but it can work as a catalyst and speed up the oxidation process for the metal parts of your vehicle. In other words, water cause rust when all the variables are right. More often than not, these variables are pretty common and happens more often than we’d like. All you need is exposed metal, a little humidity that can expose that metal to just enough oxygen and viola, you got a perfect recipe for rust! Once there is rust, it’s nearly impossible to contain that in one spot, it will slowly progress and spread all over before you know it.

How common is exposed metal?
Now we’re talking business! Exposed metal, or exposed metal that can easily rust is rare in newer vehicles. However, as the vehicle gets old and gets exposed to debris, sand, dust, road salt, ice, slit, mud, car wash, corrosive chemicals etc., the protective paint and exterior finish start to break down. As the protective layer breaks down, it exposes the metal body that’s prone to rust. However, the underbody of vehicle is usually a different story. Depending on vehicle make and model, some will easily rust and some will never rust. Underbody that’s made from aluminum (most mid-range and almost all luxury vehicle) won’t rust easy. However, if the underbody has metal parts that are not aluminum – it will rust pretty easy and spread before you know it.

How does waterproof car cover help?
Waterproof car cover kills two birds with one stone! First off, it minimizes exposure to elements, as a result your exterior and paint will remain intact for longer and will be less vulnerable against humidity and water. Second, waterproof car cover is made out of special water repellent fabric. This property is often referred to as Hydrophobic. The more hydrophobic the fabric, the better the car cover is to prevent water or humidity build up on or inside your vehicle. This will prevent rust and other humidity related problems.

Why do you need waterproof car cover?
A waterproof car cover not only prevents rust and keep your vehicle in showroom condition for years to come. It also protects your vehicle year round from just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it. It protects your car from extreme temperature related damage and prevent mold from forming. You can use a waterproof car cover both indoors and outdoors. While you can use any outdoor car cover indoors; not all indoors car cover can be used outside. A high quality outdoor car cover will protect your vehicle from water and humidity related damage.

Which car cover should I get?
We get it, it is easy to get confused with all the flashy ads, and bombastic claims about what a car cover can do. If you do a little bit of research, you’ll know there’s very few car covers that provide as much value as our exclusive Gold Shield 5L car cover provides. We design, engineer and manufacture our own car covers and stand behind out products like no manufacturer ever dares to. That’s because we believe in our product. We believe our Gold Shield 5L car cover is the best waterproof car cover there is and this is a perfect, all-weather car cover suitable for year round use.

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