Staying true to it’s origins, the pick-up truck is locally assembled in the beloved Texas, with parts manufactured and shipped from global sources. This years Toyota Tundra comes in many different model types. Most notable is the 1794 edition which is a tribute to the Texas ranch that had opened and operated that year on the same ground where car is now assembled. It has a wood accent interior design, along with a 1794 badge on the exterior, and a powerful 5.7L V8 engine with a heavy duty towing package.

We might not all be purchasing this unique edition and so I'll cut to the chase and talk about the similar qualities shared with all Tundra models. Most importantly, there's enough room in the cabin to fit your family and your neighbour’s family, not to mention the enormous sized bed that could easily fit an ATV. These powerful engines are meant to haul anything; you can attach to the rear and ride it out through any off road condition. Standard features include: Display audio system with touchscreen, air conditioning, backup camera, front tow hooks, heavy duty tow hitch receiver (5.7L models), and Toyota’s Star Safety System™.

Some of the less impressive features of the cars include no electric dual climate control, headlights, and interestingly enough, this car doesn't rival its competitors with MPG usage when hauling similar sized cargo even though it's significantly bigger. Some people would argue that manual functions are much more reliable if the wiring goes down but defective equipment is something that shouldn't be accepted in modern high-quality technology. All in all, this truck packs a great punch and has very impressive basic equipment.

Toyota has really stepped up it’s game in the last year; they came out with very impressive models and gave a good challenge to their competitors. When buying a truck that you love, it is important to take good care of it. It is highly recommended to cover your truck when it’s not in use or when you store it. offers three different covers for any intended purpose and they guarantee that the cover will fit perfectly. Whether your truck is exposed to heavy rain, extreme UV, or even garage dust, has the cover you need to preserve your truck for a long time.