There's quite a growing market for SUVs that aren't exactly SUVs. They're known by a few different names: hybrids, crossovers, and small trucks, but the one thing that's for sure is that they're here to stay according to consumer trends. A growing number of drivers want a larger vehicle as our own requirements for hauling and transporting both goods and people is changing and rapidly expanding. However, with rising gas prices, it's not surprising that a lot of drivers aren't looking towards work vehicles that aren't all that good in the mileage department. The Toyota RAV4 is the answer to this: small on the outside to help save on gas, but optimized interior space means there's a ton of room for everything.


One thing that's particularly surprising about the RAV4 is that it doesn't look all that big on the outside. To the untrained eye, it might just look like an undersized truck, which is effectively what the body is. It is a hybrid SUV that aims to promote the smooth, sleek handling of a car while remaining good on gas mileage for a larger car, but providing all the creature comforts that are known to larger vehicles. It does this quite well actually, with good quality build materials and soft touch surfaces both on the inside and out.


Where the Toyota RAV4 particularly shines is how much room there is on the inside. However, those who are familiar with the RAV4 might be slightly disappointed to see that Toyota decided to remove the third row option from the vehicle, they won't be disappointed to see that the interior capacity has increased substantially because of it. If your personal needs don't require a people-carrying third row option, then the current RAV4 could be an excellent option for your needs. It also comes jam-packed with modern comforts drivers have come to rely on: touchscreen navigation screens, premium sound, and ambient lighting throughout.

Under the Hood

Its base option includes a 176 horsepower engine that's paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. It also comes equipped with a “sport shift” driving mode, that promotes better responsiveness to the changing conditions of highway driving while significantly increasing the mileage performance. It enjoys a zero to 60 time of less than nine seconds and combined mileage estimates between 33-35 mpg.


The base model of the RAV4 is available for a sticker price of $24,350. It's a reasonable tag for a vehicle of this nature, but should always be considered an investment when looking at its long-term capability.

Drivers will want to protect this investment and the first step should always be a weatherproof car cover. The minds behind have designed just this for the RAV4 to ensure the investment remains protected at all times.