Top 17 Noticeable Sights When Traveling Around The US

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The US is a large country, and apart from a few big cities, public transport is extremely rare, almost nonexistent. To travel around America, you must have a vehicle. The number of people in the US, who prefer to drive their cars to travel around the US by car is quite increasing. Based on what long-distance drivers have seen, this article will list the top 20 things to see while traveling around the United States.

Traveling around the US is the desire of many people

First, let's take a look at the important notes for cars before starting the journey!

1. Driver Licenses

In the first position,must-have, which is the driver's license. You cannot travel by car without a driver's license. So it is the most important on this list, most states in the US have a driver's handbook, and each state will have different driving laws. Drivers over the age of 18, who get a driver's license, are allowed to drive a car in the US. You can use a driver's license in the country where you are a national or a resident without having to change your license (usually 30 days back). 

Even so, you need to translate your driver's license into English and notarize it for eligibility, and it is not necessary to change it to an international driver's license. Before driving on the road, you must bring all identification documents, such as a tourist visa, a work permit in the US, and your driver's license.

The first, You need is a driver's license

2. Car insurance

Every car needs to buy car insurance on an annual basis. Before each trip, you should check the car insurance documents. You must ensure that the vehicle you are driving has a valid warranty. During the moving process, if something unexpected happens or something gets broken, you won't be as worried.

Car insurance is essential when owning a car

3. Spare tire

Spare tires are often something drivers need to consider packing for a long-distance car trip around the United States. Spare tires are useful in the event of an emergency, such as a flat or blown primary tire or other damage, and can help you get through tough times.

You should have a spare tire when traveling

4. Design a detailed travel route

Planning your route is an important step before you begin your journey. Each road will have traffic notes and signs that you need to pay close attention to. Especially in your journey through many states, you will better understand the traffic laws of each state. In your route plan, you should note and indicate rest stops, gas stations, public restrooms, grocery stores, and car repair stations (in case your vehicle needs to be repaired). inspection or damage along the way). When designing a route, you can refer to some applications such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, HERE WeGo, and Waze.

You should have a detail schedule for your trip

5. Car Cover

While parking your vehicle for more than 4 hours, you must arrange a car cover to protect the paint and interior. However, in the US, it will be difficult to find covered parking, most of which is outdoor, public, or curbside parking. You should prepare a car cover to keep safe car paint and its interior when parking your car.

Especially in hot weather, a car cover is an unforgettable item in your preparation plan. You can reach Car Cover - a film that provides good quality car covers on the market and helps you maintain your car well. We believe our service is a reliable choice. Visit the website at for help choosing the right products and advice from customers. expert on what a car hood needs.


6. Travel time balance

In the US and its dependent regions, there are nine official time zones by law. The distance between each US state is quite wide and takes a long time to travel.  So, when planning your trip, you can adjust the time it takes to get from one state to another state.  You should consider making your schedule suitable for your health but still completing your plan.

Balancing-travel-time-helps-you ensure-your-health-during-the-tripBalancing-travel-time-helps-you ensure-your-health-during-the-trip
Balancing travel time helps you ensure your health during the trip

7. Check the weather forecast

Weather is an important consideration when you are in traffic in the US. You should regularly check the weather forecast before leaving the house, as well as prepare enough tools to avoid yourself and your family having a difficult time or an accident when participating in traffic.

In bad weather, you need to turn on the headlights and taillights to maintain a safe distance from the cars in front, as well as for the cars to recognize each other.

In the same way, if it's foggy outside, turn on your lights and slow down so you can see the road.

Hot weather will put you and other road users at risk of seasickness. Therefore, you should prepare to drink water to keep your body hydrated, wear sunglasses, and turn on the air conditioner in the car to help you not be uncomfortable.

Bad weather will make your trip difficult

In hot weather, make sure you bring enough drinking water to keep your body cool and avoid the risk of heatstroke. Wear sunglasses and turn on the air conditioning in your car to keep your body cooler.

If the weather forecast reminds you that it's stormy, it's best not to drive or engage in any traffic. When this is the case, drive as carefully as possible or park in a storm shelter.

Occasionally, in the US, there will be snow and ice on the roads in the winter. In this weather, you should carefully check the tires with a good brush and equip the necessary tools, such as shovels, gas masks, zippers, and spare tire keys, before going out

8. Traffic Laws in America

Like every country in the world, the US also has some general regulations and basic principles to follow when participating in traffic, which is:

  • Make sure you have a driver's license and papers.
  • To drive in the US, you need to be 16 - 18 years old (depending on the state).
  • Never drive while drinking
  • Drive on the right side of the road except for the Virgin Islands (drive on the left).
  • Pay attention to the speed limit when moving.
  • Stop at all STOP signs.
  • The occupants of the vehicle are required to wear seat belts.
  • However, in the US, driving laws are divided into two categories:
  • Federal law (general law of the country)
  • State law (depending on the state or locality you are in)
  • Priority lane for priority vehicle
  • Driving speed limit
    In each state, the driving speed will have different speed limits, you need to pay attention to signs and traffic signs and how fast natives drive. vehicle at that speed or slower.
    Limited to cities, densely populated areas from 25 - 30 mph (40 - 48 km/h)
    Limited to states or freeways about 65–80 mph (104–128 km/h)
    Limit the school district to 10 - 25 miles (16 - 40 km/h). The rate of decrease is when the student is out of school and a yellow warning light appears.
  • Parking in the US
    According to drivers, parking in big cities like San Francisco, Washington DC, or New York will be difficult. So you can search for parking meters and pay, Parking time is about 2–3 hours. Besides, you can park in public parking lots with a fee quite far from commercial centers, and you should avoid areas such as Walgreens and public toilets.

    You should check online or ask friends to refer you to some parking spaces, and check the availability and prices of parking lots on the app. Usually, cities on weekends have free parking, or there will be free parking at some time frames; remember to schedule the time to avoid overtime parking. A special point of note is that in the US when parking along the roadside, it is necessary to avoid some reserved parking areas to avoid heavy fines.

Therefore, when you travel around the US by car, please note the traffic laws of each state to avoid breaking the law.

Knowing the traffic laws of each state you pass through makes your trip smooth

9. Car maintenance

You should take your car to the garage for service before any lengthy travel. This will keep the driver and passengers safe and steady when they travel around the US by car. To check the vehicle's condition, you can go to professional car maintenance centers for advice and repairs, if any. In case you cannot go to the service center, you should carefully check the condition of the tires, engine oil, coolant, glass cleaner tank, and lights yourself according to the instructions from the internet.

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If possible, you should bring some car repair tools

10. Fuel up in the US

Most gas stations in the US are automatic; customers need to self-serve, pay via card, and fill their tanks.

Their brand and qualification define the price of gasoline in the US, so the price of gasoline at each gas station is not the same. Branded gasoline companies often have a high price; you can choose less famous gasoline companies with cheaper prices.

You should also use some apps or maps to see where there are gas stations to actively refuel, to avoid running out of fuel in a deserted place.

You should take the initiative in refueling to avoid running out of gas in the middle of the road

11. Safe driving skills

Equipping yourself with safe driving skills is essential when driving because traffic accidents can happen to anyone. You have to drive at the speed limit, and you should always check the car's condition before moving. 

In bad weather, you need to pay attention to turn on the car lights, slow down, keep a safe distance, and possibly delay the journey if there is a storm. You need to dry your feet and shoes before getting in the car to prevent your feet from slipping off the speed and brake pedals.

Or in places where the road bends, winding roads, or steep, rough roads. You need to have certain skills to ensure safety.

You need a bit of long distance driving skills

12. Cash and Credit Cards

In the US, most services can be paid for with credit cards, such as buying goods, filling gas tanks, and paying for car maintenance and repairs. Therefore, you should have your card ready and keep money on your bank card for convenience in payment and safety.

Also, you need to have cash on hand, because sometimes it's easier to pay with cash or coins than with a credit card when you're traveling. You should save a route-appropriate amount of cash to assist in making any purchases during the move.

Cash and credit cards are indispensable during the trip

13. Identification documentation

Before you start your trip around the US, you must take care to prepare your identity document. You may be asked to present identification at any time. Identification documents include a visa (if you are a tourist or traveling on business), a work permit, and the ability to use up to 4 devices at the same time. So you can freely use it or share it with many people. Plus, you can easily charge and move without affecting your work. Thanks to these power banks, smart devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, are always assured that vehicles are ready to go.

ID should bring with you

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14. Smart electronic devices

Things like cell phones, cameras, and computers are must-haves when traveling around the United States for easy communication, route finding, photography, etc. You should have a waterproof bag to keep these valuables safe.

Smart devices make your journey easier

15. Power banks

During long trips, your phone or electronic devices may run out of battery and need to be recharged. A power bank you can use to charge two - four devices at the same time. So you can freely use it or share it with many people. Plus, you can easily charge and move without affecting your work. Thanks to these power banks, smart devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, are always assured that vehicles are ready to go.

Power banks are also one of the must-have items for the trip

16. Medical first aid kit

Health is a top priority, so when you travel around the United States, you need a first-aid kit. This gives you peace of mind in case you, your family, or other people around you get hurt. You need to go to the pharmacy to find a fully equipped first aid kit and learn how to use it to get the most out of it. You can get instructions from doctors at the pharmacy or sign up for a first aid course at a medical facility. You can also get a first aid manual that you can keep with you at all times in case of an emergency.

A medical first aid kit will be effective when you have an unexpected accident

17. Fast Food

Besides things to keep in mind when traveling long distances, one thing you need to pay attention to is snacks during the journey. You can prepare some rice balls, drinks, fast food, and your favorite foods in advance so you don't go hungry on the go.

A little fast food to help you recharge quickly for the trip

Above are the top 17 important notes that Car Cover has listed to help you be more prepared when planning to travel around the United States by car. Although not the most complete, but the things we listed above hope to help you have a complete trip.

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