Top 10 Most Beautiful Cars of The 21st Century: Several Big Names are Absent

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Recently, the reputable news site Road&Track has released a top 10 list of the most beautiful and impressive car designs from the beginning of the 21st century until now. This list features a diverse range of cars, including mass-market cars, luxury cars, sports cars, supercars, and racing cars.


One notable thing is the absence of supercars from prestigious brands such as Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and a host of other big names.

Let's admire these masterpieces together with Carcover!

1. Ford GT


The Ford GT is a car model that is heavily influenced by racing cars but is extremely suitable for street driving. The combination of aerodynamic design, modern interior, and the nostalgic touch of its predecessor has created a harmonious beauty for this car model.


2. Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione


The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is an Italian pride in the 21st century with a completely modern design. However, the rounded lines evoke many associations with the Aston Martin Zagato and bring a pure classic beauty.


3. Cadillac Wagon


Cadillac Wagon is a breakthrough model that breaks the mild-mannered personality of typical wagons with Cadillac's distinctive language and a powerful engine under the hood.


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4. BMW i8


The futuristic appeal that is not unfamiliar is what makes the BMW i8 stand out. Unfortunately, this model may face discontinuation in the near future due to issues with its battery and engine.


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5. Jaguar F-Type Coupe


The Jaguar F-Type Coupe is a sleek and sophisticated car. Its design is fresh and modern, with strong, straight lines combined with soft, smooth curves reminiscent of classic Jaguars from the past.


6. Range Rover Evoque


The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque was a controversial step for the British car manufacturer. It was considered to be very different and unlike any other Range Rover model that had ever existed. However, it seems that this was a positive innovation, bringing many more modern features to a famous car brand known for its conservative design.


7. Bentley Speed 8 Le Mans Prototype


This is the result of combining the romance in Bentley's style with the power of racing cars. The maximum aerodynamic design is the element that creates the beauty of the Bentley Speed 8 Le Mans Prototype. Many people have exclaimed, "Perhaps the wind is the designer who drew this car."


8. Ferrari P4/5 Competizione


Ferrari has created a high-performance car with an incredibly powerful appearance by combining the elegant DNA of the brand with the strong style of F1 cars. What makes people even more fond of this car is that it is legal for street use.


9. Audi TT


Modern, compact, and distinctive are the factors that make the Audi TT surpass its "older brother" Audi R8 to appear on this list. The small car from the luxury German car manufacturer is also highly rated for its performance and driving experience behind the steering wheel.


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10. Porsche 918


Unlike the Porsche 911s, you can instantly recognize a Porsche 918 at first glance. The main difference is what makes this car more beautiful than its siblings. And perhaps the Porsche 918 will somewhat influence the design of the German automaker's future models.


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