Purchasing a car’s about more than getting from point A to point B. Other things are involved in the selection process, like gas mileage, ease of parking, sound system, and colour. Your car, like the clothes you wear, is a personal form of expression…

Your car is red? You have a drawer just for your tickets.

Red cars score the most speeding tickets out of any of the colors. Is it justified? Red’s a high energy color, so perhaps whenever drivers see it, they become influenced to speed. Red’s also associated with the legendary race car brand, Ferrari, so by proxy, red is speed. Red stands out on the road, which draws attention, like from cops. So, you own a red car? You’re likely to be outgoing in nature, since red stands out, and you might have a special drawer for your tickets.

All the other colors…

Car colors are speculated to be associated with specific things. Black cars have been associated with rebellion and power. White cars are thought of as elegant and pure. Silver cars are associated with tech. Blue’s commonly thought of as extraverted, yet calm. Grey’s related to tradition. Thus, you might find an entrepreneur in a black car, an honest person in a white car, a sophisticated person in a silver car, a chill person in a blue car, and a boring person in a grey car.

You own a sports car: Ah, you’re having a midlife crisis.

Just kidding. Sports cars make everyone feel good. Studies show that getting behind the wheel of a sports car, increases testosterone. This is especially pleasurable for men, since they need a lot of it. However, women can benefit too.

Sports cars might make some men and women feel better than others. There’s evidence that a subset of individuals can feel an intense ‘high’ from getting behind the wheel of a powerful engine. One explanation is that thrill seekers have dopamine sensitivity, since their brain’s have more dopamine receptors, called D4, than average. Thus, they’re inclined to seek dopamine promoting activities, like speeding, since it makes them feel extra good.  

Yet, only wealthy thrill seekers can afford sports cars. The price tag on a sports car is higher than your average sedan, since they’re more expensive to build. They include a number of handmade parts, so the labour costs are high. They’re also made with cutting-edge technology and high quality materials.

You own an SUV: So, do a lot of people.

Over the last decade SUV’s have become incredibly popular, so much so, that they’re pushing regular sedans off the market. What’s the appeal? SUV’s offer extreme versatility. This includes luxury features, spacious comfort, 4-wheel drive, off-roading capacity, and towing.

There’s no specific profile of an SUV driver, since the cars are liked by such a wide range of people. However, it’s possible that SUV drivers engage in more activities than the average person. Active people can use the SUV to accommodate recreation, like transport of sports equipment and also, towing. For instance, the Chevrolet Tahoe can tow up to 84, 000 pounds, like a big boat.

SUV owners may also appreciate beauty, since SUV’s have attractive exteriors. This is apparently a deciding factor for up to a third of all car buyers. Therefore, someone might choose an SUV over a pickup truck or a minivan, simply because they prefer the way that it looks.

You own a fuel efficient car: You’re a tree hugger.

Owners of fuel-efficient cars care about the environment. Oftentimes, these cars aren’t as attractive as sporty sedans of similar price. Thus, fuel-efficient car buyers aren’t overly preoccupied with what others think and are likely to be self-assured. Of course, some fuel-efficient cars are nice looking, especially electrics, like the Leaf. Whether these car owners are self-assured, isn’t implied, however they undoubtedly earn a higher income than average and they too care about the environment. Drivers of fuel-efficient cars are also likely to be well-educated.

You have one of following modifications (you’re a d bag)…

  • You’ve installed a lift kit to increase the gap between the body and frame of the car. Yeah, maybe the off-roading capacity’s been improved but if you don’t replace those stock tires with a bigger set, it’ll look clownish.
  • If you put stickers on your car, someone’s going to groan. You think your family is cute, that’s sweet. But random people in the highway don’t care. You like big boobs? Save that for boy’s night out, not the bumper of your car. You want to save the environment, well we got that from the moment, we saw your hybrid. A “save the planet” sticker’s excessive.
  • If you’ve installed a coal roller, people are going to assume that you’re married to your sister. If you don’t know what coal rolling is, it’s when a diesel pickup truck has been modified to take in more diesel than the engine can handle. This releases big billows of black smoke. Sometimes, the diesel particulate filter also gets removed, which is a contributor to severe asthma and heart problems. Coal rollers are conservatives who actively protest saving the environment.
  • Fix your loud exhaust. Whenever you hear the exhaust, it’s either because the muffler or the catalytic converter isn’t working. These components are important, since they filter out toxic emissions from the exhaust. Of course, race cars don’t include the muffler and converter for better engine power. However, unless you’re getting paid millions of dollars from NASCAR, no one wants to hear you coming from a mile away.
  • If your rims cost as much as your car, you’ll be judged. Instead of splurging on modifications for your basic set of wheels, learn how to invest that money. Maybe one day you’ll be able to afford a nicer car.

Your car has a scent…

The fact that you have a car scent shows that you appreciate the little things in life. Here’s what your favourite scents say about you…

Citrus. Cleaning products tend to smell citrusy, so maybe you like things to feel spic and span.

Flowery. Flowers are often given to loved ones, so perhaps you value your relationships.

Sweet. The sugar in fruit and candy is sweet, which makes people feel good... So, you like scents that make you happy, who can blame you.

Musky. Musk is a scent that’s associated with pheromones, so perhaps you’re a sensual person.

There aren’t any specific rules for why people prefer certain car scents. Actually, studies have found that pleasant smells are universal and predictable. Apparently, scents like flowers and pine are satisfactory to everyone. You might prefer some scents over others because of personal experiences. Anyone that’s grown up with a citrusy-smelling cleaning product, for example, will tend associate the two. If you value cleanliness, you may be drawn to the fragrance.

Your car’s messy: Sloppy or creative?

Say, you’ve got a bit of car junk. Well apparently, messiness is a sign of creativity. Researchers, grouped people into a messy room and a clean one, and found that the messy-room participant’s chose ‘new’ health boosts, whereas the clean-room participants chose ‘classic’ boosts, when offered smoothies. Thus, messiness inspires novelty, a form of creativity.   

However, a super messy car can portray someone that doesn’t value their possessions. It also shows a complete lack of professionalism. A car that’s needed for business is likely to be kept pretty clean. Yet, a car that’s always spotless can imply someone, who’s avoiding other important aspects of their life. If you can eat a steak off the dashboard, you might want to double-check that the taxes have been filed for the year.


A car doesn’t say everything about a person but it definitely says something. If you’re driving a fuel-efficient car, it’s reasonable for some people to assume that you’re an environmentalist. Perhaps, you’re rolling coal and then people can accurately assume that you’re against the environment. No matter what, that chunk of metal on wheels will leave an impression, just like the clothes you wear.