Muscle car lovers and lap time freaks alike are overwhelmed with the performance and driving experience the all new Corvette delivers. But it's not just the power and driving experience that makes this all new Corvette top of the tier. This is one of the best engineered American vehicles ever, find out how innovation and engineering was combined into making Corvette one of its kind!

You know your Vette’s massive 6.2-liter V8 engine can smoke your rear tires with its insane 455 horsepower. But it’s not all about power and speed with the all new Corvette. True, you can whiz 0-60 mph in just about 3.7 seconds, and you can clock a top speed of 181 mph. And you can get this amazing beast for only about fifty five grand! The new aerodynamic design will squeeze all the power out of your Vette and deliver a driving experience that’s second to none. But it doesn’t end here!

The 2016 Corvette has a 57% stiffer frame than its predecessor. It also happens to be 99 lbs lighter, which translates into even sportier handling and better fuel efficiency. The curvier exterior and slick design will surely turn a lot of heads. The superior performance and super fun drivetrain is engineered to deliver a driving experience that cannot be found in any European car.

To add more perks to this Vette, Chevrolet used a one of a kind aerogel as transmission tunnel insulation; this aerogel is used by NASA and not your everyday insulation material. This new Corvette also features better cooling technology for its transmission and differential heat exchanger. This also happens to be the second generation Corvette built with a rear weight bias. The transmission seats in the back of the car and not underneath the driver – shifting most of its body weight on the rear axle.

Perfect toy for racers and drifters, this Corvette is equipped not only to compete with but beat cars like Porsche 911, and Carrera S. It’s not as sophisticated as its German counterpart but still the best speed machine on its price range. If you like muscle car, Corvette never disappoints and this is no exception.

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