The Success of the Chevelle: From Driveways to Race Tracks

One of the most prominent cars of NASCAR during 1970s, Chevelle was the early inception of aerodynamics in muscle cars. It was so good that NASCAR banned Chevelle body style due to its perceived aerodynamic image that arguably gives Chevelle an edge over other body styles. Click here to read more about this glowing piece of automotive history.

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About the Chevelle

The original Chevelle SS signalled Chevrolet's first attempt into the muscle car world and original production lines featured a Malibu SS badge on the rear quarter panel. Following this initial run, the badge disappeared altogether and was made exclusive to those vehicles sold in Canada. Despite this disappearance, the SS was a regular series in its own right and featured high performance engines and upgrades until its retirement in the mid-1970s. What marked the range was Chevrolet's commitment to increasing the performance of the engine with each successor. Its final release, a V8 engine, was rated at 375 horsepower.


Towards the end of its production line throughout the 1970s, the Chevelle was one of the most widely used body styles in NASCAR racing. The design proved to be so popular that one of its latest editions, The Languna S-3, was banned from active competition following the 1977 season due to its perceived advanced aerodynamics and inherent danger that such a fast vehicle proved to other drivers on the race track.

Despite its controversy, the Chevelle was quite successful on the track. One of its most prominent drivers, Cale Yarborough, drove it to win a grand total of 34 races: two of which were consecutive Grand National championships. He also finished the 1977 season as its overall winner by completing ousting the competition having finished 386 points ahead of runner-up, Richard Petty.


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