Catching a thief peeking under your car covers is frightening. But on this particular night, I decided to protect my property that I assumed was supposed well concealed under my Subaru car covers- inside of my locked garage. I loved my 2.5-liter turbo flat-four engine Subaru Forester that put out 250 horsepower. I bought it EyeSight technology with automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-departure warning capabilities. So even though the sneaky devils found a way in- they were going to be begging for a way out. Their only hope was to lift the car covers, jump in the car and lock the doors.

Before I went to bed, I secured my car covers and locked the garage, as I always do. That's why it was surprising to hear some rattling noises coming from the garage at 3 o'clock in the morning. Between the reinforced-steel security locks and the well fitting Forester car covers, I assumed no one had taken particular notice of my car nor were going to risk taking a closer look. But once I heard the sounds of my tools hitting the concrete for the third time, I jumped off the bed and knew it was time for action. As I made my way down the stairs, I thought about the 2.5-liter turbo flat-four engine that produced 250 horsepower and 258 feet pound of torque. I imagined how much I truly enjoyed the EyeSight technology with automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-departure warning capabilities. I knew I was going to fight back.

Our Initial Encounter

I grabbed a baseball bat and headed towards the door, peeking inside the garage first. I saw two guys, dressed in all black, peeling back the Subaru car covers and peeking inside the car windows. With two fits tightly holding the bat, I opened the door. Before I could think, I yelled out towards them while swinging my bat.

They Locked Themselves In My Car

Both of the thieves managed to get on the opposite side of the car, the Subaru Forester car covers still managing to hold on to the top of the car. I pulled the car covers which cause both of the intruders to jump. While clinching at the car covers, I accidentally pushed the unlock pad on the key ring in my hand, and the door locks popped upwards. Before I can make it around the car, both these jumped in the back seat and locked the doors. I looked down to push the unlock key again, but I couldn't see the keypad. After tussling around with the fabric of the cover, a still could not find the keys. Before I even had a chance to get frustrated, my pet pit bull started barking out of control.

My Dog Went Into Attack Mode

Before I even had a chance to move the car covers out of the way, my pit bull Suzie went into attack mode. Suzie pounced on the window, growling with a fierceness I had only seen once before. The youngest of the two intruders kept pounding on the window with a crowbar, trying to scare Suzie off. I must have stepped on the keypad hidden under the car covers because we all heard a click, then the doors unlocked. I quickly grabbed for the car handle, and the door swung open. I leaped over the car covers and got in the car from the driver's seat. All the while, Suzie barked ferociously as she snarled through the broken window. We had them cornered.

The Police Saved The Day

I was able to get a hold of one of them while the other was screaming for help as Suzie had managed to get half her body through the broken glass. Just as the thieves were facing the fight of their life, a flood of white and blue lights filled the garage-stopping everyone in their tracks. It was the cops, who were running from the squad car towards us. With all 5 of us in a tussle inside the 34 cubic feet of space, the cops drew their weapons and yelled for us to freeze. My neighbor, dressed in a robe, yelled at the officers to arrest the intruders. All the commotion riled up Suzie, who started howling. That caused everyone to pause, and in a blink of an eye, the officers went into “protect and serve mode,” eventually wrestling both intruders to the ground and slapping handcuffs on them. I watched as they were loaded into the back of the police car and secretly hoped the cops would give them another beating at the station. Once they left, I found my keys then took Suzie in the house for a treat. She definitely earned it.