Anything you want in a truck can be found in the Ford F-150. There are many options available including various cab sizes, bed lengths, trim levels, and special editions. Ford truly caters to their customers and fits their needs with the Ford F-150. They also have some cool Ford F-150 Truck covers available to keep it looking show.

Changes to the Ford F-150 Meant Changes to the Ford F-150 Covers

After the first Ford F-150 launched in 1948, Ford decided to add some modern features to the pickup truck. Some improvements included adding contours to the body and making it smoother. Along with that, they also changed the windshield to a one-piece, changed the size of the cab making it bigger, and integrated headlights.

They completely redesigned the Ford F-150 in 1961. The pickup trucks were lowered and they were wider than they have ever been. They also went back to using single headlights. By 1965, they had changed the look of the grille, and three new engines were debuted. They added the 240- and 300-c.i. inline sixes, and a 352-c.i. V8 with 208 horsepower.

Ford beefed up the frame and added a bigger cab beginning in 1973. They added a new motor option as well: the 460-c.i. V8. By 1974, Ford added the extended cab version of the F-150 called the SuperCab. An extended Ford F-150 covers were already equipped for the changes. You had the option of either the common bench seat or a pair of jump seats on each side of the cab. Ford F-150 production continued through the 70's with little to no change.

Sleeker Ford F-150, Sleeker Ford F-150 Covers

1980 was when Ford began its evolutionary redesign with added aerodynamics and sleek front end. Along with the body modifications. Ford added 10% more leg room to the interior making it a more comfortable ride. The grille was also changed. This was when the blue oval with “Ford” written in the middle was added to the center of the grille.

In 1990, Ford introduced a new line of packages. First came the heavy-duty service package. This package included a heavy-duty battery, a high-capacity radiator and skid plates. The sports appearance package came next. This package rocked some extravagant wheels and a stripe taped along the side.

In its current generation, starting in 1997, Ford went for a big change in the look of the Ford F-150. Instead of the traditional box look, Ford went with a round, almost jelly bean-like design. It was a considering it had been the best-selling vehicle for the last 13 years, but hey, it's now easier to slide one of your Ford F-150 covers on and off.