The BMW Continues To Be At The Top Of Its Class

BMW’s are among the most desirable roadsters. From the introduction of one model to the next, these cars are fine-tuned for peak performance. In this article, we’ll learn about what makes the BMW worth every penny...

The Z3 and Z4 quickly became recognized as top-of-the-line roadsters, aka open-top two-seaters. The company continues to make improvements to the cars, however it was these two models that put BMW on the map…


The BMW Z3 was launched officially, by German automakers, in 1996. The Z in Z3 stands for Zukunft, which is German for ‘future’. The model experienced immediate success after being showcased in the 1995 James Bond movie, GoldenEye. The Z3 was originally fitted with a V8 engine, a wood trim interior design, and sports seats. Airbags were introduced in 1999, followed by a low-pressure warning feature for the tires in 2001, and then an in-dash CD player in 2002. Today, the vehicle is a popular collector’s item, attributed to its elegant look and historical value.


The BMW Z4 is the second generation of the Z3 and was awarded ‘Design of the Year’ soon after it was launched in 2002. The Z4 is a sporty variant of the Z3. The BMW Z4 introduced emergency break assist, aka additional breaking power, and heated seats in the 2005. The next year, the Z4 included a hatchback model, which has a special rear-trunk window for easy loading. Hardtops were also introduced, which are removable like soft tops, yet more durable.

Why You Should Purchase A BMW

If you’ve driven a BMW, then you already know that there’s something remarkable about the car. Most people are initially attracted to the look however it’s the drive and handling that makes people stay true to the brand. Here are our top reasons for owning a BMW.

1.    BMW connects you.

When drivers are commuting, staying connected can seriously enhance the experience. BMW offers a sim card that can be installed directly inside the vehicle, called ConnectedDrive. It assists the driver with features like email, online search, and BMW traffic information.

2.    BMW vehicles are high-quality.

BMW’s latest generation is the 3 series, which includes a 320i model that boasts an almost perfect 50/50 weight distribution on the front and rear axles. The equilibrium makes for superior handling.

It also has a 320 horse power (hp), which isn’t much for a race car, however is on the higher end of the spectrum for a regular street car. For those who don’t know, a higher hp allows the driver to get from point A to point B faster than a lower hp would. Horse power also maintains a smooth ride at higher speeds.

BMW also includes an 8-speed transmission, ensuring that the car achieves the most fuel-efficient gear. This is because, the more gears that are available, the quicker the transmission can move up a gear when the car gains speed. Higher gears are easier on the engine, lowering fuel consumption. That’s why an 8-speed is regarded as superior to the more common 6 speeds.

BMW’s also include a STEPTRONIC automated transmission, so you can switch between automatic, sport, and manual mode. The automatic feature is great for everyday driving. It requires minimal effort on behalf of the driver, who doesn’t need to worry about shifting gears.

The sport mode is a fun feature that increases the throttle for greater acceleration. Sport mode also tightens up on the steering wheel and reduces traction control for a rougher feel. Those who prefer this mode should also keep in mind that it’s heavier on fuel consumption.

Manual lets you to decide when to switch gears. An experienced driver can anticipate hills, switching from a higher gear to a lower gear for greater climbing power. This happens faster than in an automatic transmission, since the automatic can only react to changes in driving conditions. Anticipated gear changes, is ultra fuel efficient and makes for a smoother driving experience.

3.    BMW’s are Among the Most Fuel Efficient Cars.

Over the last 30+ years, standards for fuel efficiency have changed dramatically. Cars are expected to cover greater distances and consume less gas, with each and every passing year. Good fuel economy is easier on consumer’s wallets, as well as reduces toxic CO2 emissions for cleaner air. Since 1975, there’s been more than a 60% overall improvement in fuel efficiency and BMW is among the leaders.

BMW’s EfficientDynamics package includes iPerformance, a lightweight frame, an Auto Start Stop function, and Brake Energy Regeneration for superior fuel economy. iPerformance is just a fancy way of saying hybrid. The car uses an electric system for short stretches and only digs into the 6-cylinder fuel tank for longer distances. The electric system runs on battery power rather than fuel, reducing overall fuel consumption.

BMW also includes an optional Auto Start Stop function that actually shuts the engine off, every time the foot presses on the brake. Apparently this saves on gas. Some people would argue that restarting a car takes more power than idling however car makers today, say nay. As long as the engine is warmed up, it doesn’t take any extra energy to restart.

The nifty Brake Energy Regeneration feature is a decoupled system that only charges the car battery when the car is idling, braking, or decelerating. This saves on fuel, since the fuel that would otherwise get wasted as heat, goes to the car battery instead. When normal driving resumes, the system redirects fuel to the wheels.

4.    BMW’s have integrated personality.

BMW offers personalization options for your car. You can select your desired horsepower, exterior paint color, and interior design for your car.

5.    BMW vehicles are fun to drive.

One of the main joys in getting a BMW is that everyone associates the brand with high quality and high class. Whether you’re an engineer, who knows a lot about cars, or an everyday Joe, you’re likely to respect the car. There’s nothing wrong with relishing in turning some heads, whenever you pull up to a stop light…

6.    BMW Makes Deeper Connections.

BMW strives to connect with the community on a deeper level by endorsing arts and culture. Recently, BMW collaborated with the SoHo House and had an art talk, titled 'The Relationship Between Art and Architecture’. They also collaborated with the Art Base in an initiative to identify budding artists.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a BMW

Many people dream of owning a BMW however cannot afford to do so. If you’re serious about owning one, you should consider these important factors before making your next purchase…

  • History

If it’s a used car, take the time to discuss with your dealership about its history. Also, do a quick online search about the model you’re interested in, so you can ask the right questions at the dealership.

  • Price

Check the classified ads to compare BMW prices to confirm the average value of your second-hand car. You’ll benefit from knowing your price range before going to the dealership.

  • Warranty

It’s always good to get a warranty. Most dealerships will provide coverage for a specified mileage, rust protection, and the powertrain. The powertrain warranty is the most important, since it houses the car’s essentials, like the engine, axels, differentials, drive shafts, transfer case, and transmission. If you’re getting a used car, it’s worth checking what’s still under warranty. This can save you big bucks on repairs.

  • Maintenance

Find out what kind of maintenance package the BMW seller offers. A properly maintained car reduces repairs, which can run into the thousands of dollars. Most sellers will give a generous maintenance package as reassurance, that it’s a well-made car.

  • Showrooms

Go to various showrooms to find the best BMW for you. You may also come across great offers and discounts.


When it comes to BMW, you’ll absolutely be getting a luxury car. All you need to do is a little research, find a good seller, and get a maintenance package and a warranty, to have a good experience. Once you’re behind the wheel of your BMW, you’ll enjoy hours of incredible driving.