Every time a new Ford Fusion is released as a sedan, it emerges as a dominant game changer among its competitors. That is no different with the new 2017 Ford Fusion, as it has the most technologically advanced series of Ford car covers to exist. Enthusiasts of Fusion car covers can get the S, SE, and Titanium trim editions while upping the ante for those vehicles that dare imitate the style of the 2017 Ford Fusion car covers.

The V6 Sport Features Distinct Distinguishments

The differences between the standard fusion models and the Fusion V6 Sport are found in the details of their appearances, with the V6 being uniquely superior. Drawing its inspiration from a performance standpoint, the interior and exterior of the Ford car covers are intriguingly distinguished with detail and functionality. The look, feel and style of the Fusion car covers is complemented with bold but humble style, featuring deep air intakes, dual twin exhaust outlets, a mesh grill that features a glossy black finish, a rear spoiler- all topped off with illustrious 19-inch wheels.

The starkest of the distinguishments can be found in the advanced technology that is strategically equipped within in the 2017 Ford Fusion. With safety and protection in mind, the Ford car covers features real-time suspension tuning that will take into account road conditions and configuration in order to provide continuous control, while the pothole detection technology makes adjustments to the shock absorbers in order to deliver a smooth ride that is free from motion impact.

High-Tech Features Enhance Performance And Experience

The Ford Fusion is the first North American-built car to feature the pedestrian detection system, which is coupled with Lane keeping assist capability and hands-free parallel and perpendicular parking technology. The compact design of the shift style, featuring high-tech gear, enhances space of the interior cabin but equipped with voice recognition software, an enhanced touchscreen, and a user-friendly graphical interface. In addition, to top it all off, the software equipped in the Ford car covers gives the owner the capability of starting the car remotely and on a schedule – even allowing the locks of the vehicle to be controlled from a smartphone.

Competitors Lag Behind The Fusion's Performance

Ford designed three standard power robust engines for the S and SE models, all of which are four-cylinder constructed and equipped with torque delivered through a six-speed Select-Shift automatic transmission. Ford Fusion car covers enthusiasts have the choice of the 2.5 L engine, the 2.0 L EcoBoost direct injected four-cylinder engine, or for more functionality, the 1.5 L EcoBoost engine that is equipped with the start/stop technology and use the cylinders with direct injections. For those who want the enhanced sports performance experience, the Platinum V6 Sports Fusion car covers feature the award-winning twin-turbocharged 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine.

Exceeding All Expectations With High-Class

The world-class Fusion Platinum, designed with a heighten sense of refinement and featuring elite craftsmanship, is well complimented with a captivating interior design that is an experience of its own. The Cocoa leather wraps around the instrument panel as well as the panel of the door trim, complementing the Venetian leather that is hand wrapped around the steering wheel. The upscale exterior design is completed the bold and stylish look with the metallic-finished grille and the polished and glistening 19-inch wheels.