The Entune technology is an exciting innovation, and even better, it comes equipped in the Toyota Land Cruiser so that you stay in tune. Even though the land cruiser car covers are very popular as a brand under the Toyota Land Cruiser car covers brand, Entune will empower car owners with the connectivity that will keep them and pace and in the groove even when taking long excursions. Whether you are driving your Land Cruiser through the city or exploring beyond the Toyota car covers, this advanced technology will help you navigate, entertain, and complete small tasks without taking her eyes off the road.

Always Know Where You Are Going

The Integrated Navigation and App Suite that is built into the system will map out the shortest distance to a location, and get you there safely. And to ensure that you do not get caught in bad traffic, the premium real-time traffic monitoring smart technology will identify where there is congestion, construction or even an accident, and help you reconstruct your route so that you can move around the incidents. With the Hands-Free Calling feature, you can connect a Bluetooth-enabled phone to the powerful Entune system, even when in a garage and under Toyota Land Cruiser, and be able to place calls while never having to touch the keypad or the Toyota car covers. Also, the Entune feature is equipped with Advanced Voice Recognition, that when coupled with the hands-free feature, allows you to control your phone in a multitude of capacities without one single swipe. With all this is technology bundled under the land cruiser car covers, not only will you always know where you're going, but you can keep your eyes on the road to that you enjoy the journey of getting there.

Be Well Entertained With More Options

You can wirelessly connect your MP3/WMA-capable smartphone to sing along to your favorite playlists on your smartphone. This allows you to always have full control, and a perfect this source of selections, for entertainment when you peel back the Toyota Land Cruiser car covers and go for a ride. And with the Siri Eyes Free capabilities installed, you can talk to your personal assistant Siri and it can create a new playlist, and even skip songs – all without you ever having to take your eyes off the road. And if you do not have all the songs you want on your playlist, then the iHeartRadio, Pandora and Slacker Radio apps that are integrated into the system, and under the Toyota car covers, gives you all the options you need to find each and every song you want.

Get Things Done While On The Road

With the Entune system, you do not have to do any pre-planning before you hop in the Land Cruiser and drive off. You do not even have to know you're going when you take off the land cruiser car covers. That is because you are able to find a great restaurant, book a reservation, buy a pair of movie tickets and even find and compare fuel prices using the software. You can also check local traffic reports in the constantly-updated system in order to determine the best route to wherever it is you plan to go – a very useful at for those who live in New York City. And if pulled back the Toyota Land Cruiser because you are planning to stay out all night, you can also check the local weather to find out is you will need the Toyota car covers or not. The Land Cruiser is truly equipped to give you a hands-free, high-tech and well-rounded experience that keeps you connected with your smart phone, and the water around you, without you having to take your focus off the streets. If you think about it, the only thing the app doesn't do is drive the car for you. But I'm sure it won't be long before they figure that out too.