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As the vehicle that gave birth to and laid the foundation for the luxury SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) segment, the BMW X5 has become the top-performing car with sales of over 2.2 million units worldwide across three generations. In this fourth generation, the SAV promises to do even more with impressive changes.



The BMW X5 2023 is a luxury SUV with an impressive and sporty exterior design. The car is large in size with a length of 4,922 mm, a width of 2,004 mm, and a height of 1,745 mm. The X5 has a wheelbase of 2,975 mm, which is close to the Mercedes GLE (2,995 mm) and superior to the recently launched Lexus RX (2850 mm).

The car has a square and robust shape, giving a sporty and muscular feeling. Compared to its previous versions, the BMW X5 G05 has a more modern and luxurious exterior design, with many details being updated and improved. Compared to competitors in the same segment such as the Mercedes GLE and Lexus RX, the BMW X5 has an iconic and highly recognizable exterior design, suitable for those who love to stand out and express their personality.


The design of the 2023 BMW X5 still maintains the tradition of this line of cars - divided into two independent styles corresponding to two versions. If customers emphasize style and sporty driving experience, the standard X5 xDrive40i M Sport version is sufficient to meet their needs. On the contrary, if customers emphasize a smooth, comfortable, and strong SUV-style experience, the xLine version is a reasonable choice.


The most obvious difference on the X5 is evident at the front of the car. The M Sport version features two large black-painted air intakes, emphasizing the sporty element. Meanwhile, the xLine versions prioritize silver-painted details to create a rugged and bold SUV look.


Placed at the center position on all versions is still the Kidney Grille, a characteristic kidney-shaped radiator grille of BMW. Unlike its larger X7 counterpart, the 2023 BMW X5 still maintains a neutral design and a suitable size for this component. On both sides of the radiator grille are the "Angel Eyes" lighting cluster, which applies BMW's most advanced LaserLight technology.


The LaserLight headlight cluster is standard on both versions of the 2023 X5. This cluster features modern capabilities such as automatically turning on and off separate lighting zones to avoid affecting vehicles in front, and supporting cornering light angles. The most distinctive feature of this cluster is the addition of a Laser beam to extend the range of illumination up to 600 meters, nearly twice that of regular headlights. BMW has also added separate blue-tinted sections to the laser cluster, which not only creates a luxurious and eye-catching impression but also helps distinguish it easily from other lighting systems.


On the side, two skillfully shaped raised creases accentuate the length and muscular, powerful feel of the 2023 BMW X5. The Shadowline black window frames and roof rails come as standard on the M Sport version, emphasizing its sporty and youthful character. Meanwhile, similar details on the xLine variant are finished in bright chrome, showcasing a more luxurious and refined direction.

One of the advantages of the 2023 BMW X5 is that the 20-inch wheel set comes standard on all versions, with differences only in design and finishing type. The M Sport version features a dual-tone, multi-spoke design, while the xLine version has a more modest, silver-finished, twin five-spoke design. The wheels are fitted with premium Runflat tires, which allow for continued driving even when the tire is punctured or deflated.


The side mirrors of the car are electronically adjustable/foldable and have LED turn signals for increased visibility. However, the placement of the mirror at corner pillar A is not really ideal as it takes away some small space on the side when viewed from the driver's position.

At the rear, the traditional L-shaped LED taillights of BMW remain the main highlight on the 2023 X3 versions. The L-shaped graphics are stylized with a thick LED strip placed inside a black-painted housing. They seem simple but are extremely eye-catching and attractive every time the car rolls on the road.


The rear bumper section doesn't have much difference in design between versions. The silver painted cover is placed between the hexagonal dual exhaust pipes, giving the car a sporty and robust impression.

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Sporty, luxurious, technological, and practical are the precise adjectives to describe the dominant atmosphere of the interior of BMWs in general and the X5 2023 in particular.
Premium perforated Vernasca leather is the main material inside the cabin of all versions. BMW also offers up to 5 interior color options to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Placed in the central position is the 12.3-inch touchscreen integrated with the BMW OS 7.0 operating system. Right below it is the unique air vent system, allowing the driver to adjust the temperature separately from the overall temperature of the car's main air conditioning system. This adjustment helps the driver keep their face and upper body warm, ensuring alertness during long drives. This is a detail not easily found in other models in the segment.


The system control cluster for the air conditioning is still arranged separately from the mechanical buttons to help drivers easily familiarize themselves with and operate it. This is a point highly appreciated by many experts and customers in the BMW X5 2023.

The models in BMW's new product line are gradually integrating all control functions into the touch screen. This can be inconvenient for customers when they need to quickly adjust functions while driving. Durability, stability, and the high cost of replacing a multifunction screen are also concerns for many customers.


The steering wheel design is also a highly valued detail that contributes to shaping the customer profile of the 2023 BMW X5 in two different styles. The 4-spoke steering wheel on the xLine version has been praised by many experts and customers for its modern and neutral design. This design also suits the elegant and luxurious style.

Meanwhile, the distinctive steering wheel on the M Sport model also impresses with its sporty, masculine design that never goes out of style. This design is also featured on the M Sport versions of higher-end BMW models. The use of Walk Nappa material and a thick padding also helps to provide a comfortable and precise feel for every steering maneuver.


The central control cluster area is also designed to be neat and sophisticated with all necessary function buttons. BMW's scientific arrangement is favored by many customers because it does not take too much time to get used to and use proficiently without having to glance down while driving.


The visibility factor is evaluated at a good level on the 2023 BMW X5. The A-pillars are reasonably thick, not obstructing too much when the driver looks to the two front corners. Although the rearview mirror is not placed on the body of the car, it is placed outside the A-pillar area, not occupying too much space. Therefore, from the driver's seat, customers can still easily observe and grasp the surrounding traffic situation.

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Regarding entertainment system, both versions of BMW X5 2023 are equipped with a high-resolution 12.3" central display and a beautiful interface of BMW OS 7.0 operating system. The screen also supports the standard wireless connectivity of Apple Carplay and Android Auto.


Automatic 3-zone climate control is a standard feature on the M Sport trim. The higher-end xLine variant uses 4-zone climate control. The driver and passenger seats are multi-directional power-adjustable with position memory, and there are Type-C charging ports, push-button ignition, integrated electronic parking brake with auto hold function, ambient interior lighting, Crafted Clarity crystal trim package, and Harman/Kardon sound system, all of which are standard features on both versions of the 2023 BMW X5.


Meanwhile, the 2-way electrically adjustable seats with rear sunshade curtains are exclusive features on the xLine variant. The panoramic sunroof and the Comfort Access smart key system with hands-free trunk opening function are also premium amenities available on both versions.


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The seating on all versions of the BMW X5 2023 is upholstered in premium Vernasca leather. In fact, even the upper surface area of the dashboard is entirely covered in Sensatec leather by BMW, providing the necessary visual and tactile experience on a luxury car.


The front seats are Comfort seats, with multiple power adjustments and integrated memory for 2 positions, which are standard features. Comfort seats are a distinctive feature in BMW's luxurious-oriented models. This seat set has 20 electrically adjustable directions, and the seat and cushion form are optimized for long journeys. The headrest is also electrically adjustable and can even bend the cushion to hug the driver's head, ensuring the most comfortable and safe driving position.


In particular, the adjustment buttons on the Comfort seats are also equipped with touch features. Customers only need to lightly touch the outer surface of the button, and the position and illustration of the function of that button will be displayed directly on the vehicle's central screen. Thanks to that, customers can easily become familiar with and use all the directions of the seat adjustment.


In terms of space, the second row seats of the 2023 BMW X5 have been highly praised by many experts and customers. There is ample legroom even for passengers taller than 1.8m. In particular, this is also the area that distinguishes the M Sport version from the xLine version. The M Sport version has a traditional 5-seat layout, while the xLine version has 7 seats with a 2-3-2 layout that provides customers with additional flexibility in usage.


Thanks to owning a 7-seater layout, even the second row seats of the xLine version are equipped with premium electric adjustment features. This allows passengers to easily achieve the most comfortable posture for even the longest journeys.


The luggage capacity of the BMW X5 is 650 liters, which is quite spacious for all 5 passengers in the car. In particular, the second row seats of the car can be folded flat in a 40:20:40 ratio to expand the luggage capacity when needed. For the xLine version, the luggage capacity behind the third row is 330 liters, which is just enough.


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BMW utilizes the renowned B58 engine for both versions of the 2023 X5. This is a 3.0L TwinPower Turbo engine, 6-cylinder inline with twin-scroll turbocharging technology, optimizing performance and efficiency. Specifically, both versions of the X5 produce the same level of power at 340 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque.


All of these engine options are accompanied by an 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission and xDrive all-wheel-drive system. In terms of operation, the M Sport version is equipped with an Adaptive Suspension system that can adjust the softness and stiffness to ensure a sporty and comfortable driving experience.

In particular, the xLine version is equipped with a high-end air suspension system that can adjust the height of the car according to the driver's needs. This is one of the most valuable features when customers decide to spend 4 billion dong or more on a luxury car model.


In terms of safety, BMW's mid-size luxury cars still have all the necessary equipment, such as a system of 7 airbags around the car, a 360-degree camera, automatic parking assistance, automatic reverse parking according to the tire tracks, and a tire pressure monitoring system. The integrated cruise control system with speed limit control to prevent speeding downhill is also a useful feature that needs to be mentioned.


In particular, the M Sport brake system (only available on the xDrive 40i M Sport version) is a valuable feature that contributes to enhancing the driving experience as well as increasing the safety of the car.


With a reasonable price and many high-end features, the BMW X5 2023 is considered a top and worthwhile choice in its segment at this time. Its distinctive and sporty design, prestigious brand, best driving experience in the segment, and full range of options are noteworthy features of the car. On the other hand, the lack of active safety features and the origin change from import to assembly may be obstacles that make customers hesitate to make a purchase.


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