The luxury and style you will find under the Nissan car covers are unlike anything you have experienced before. Many manufacturers have attempted to equip their models with similarities, but their short comings are wide and numerous. The revolutionary Armada, truly uniquely, sets a new standard, reinventing the standard of luxury from the inside out.


The V8, 5.6-liter Direct Injection Gasoline engine, produces 290 horsepower and 394 lb-ft of torque. The seven-speed automatic transmission is enhanced with synchronized rev control, providing a seal-tight level of control over the gear precision and control. Even more, the Armada comes equipped with Hill-Start assist technology, an Active Brake Limited Slip system and even Sip technology. That means regardless of whether traveling on rough terrain, slippery roads, uneven pavement or even up to a sharply slanted hill, the Armada maintaining the traction and control to make the obstacles obsolete. If there is any luxury SUV that is powerful enough for off-road excursions, it is the Armanda humbly awaiting underneath Nissan car covers.

As if that was not impressive enough, it features dual overhead cams, 32 valves as well as an innovative VVEL valve control, which is responsible for the enhanced throttle responses, as well as efficient fuel economy. This, all while maintaining an impressive 8,500-lb. maximum towing capacity due to it's 4 wheel-drive design and advanced mode control dial. This rare yet powerful technology instantly responds to the conditions of the road by systematically adjusting the distributed power designated to each axle in order to maintain control.


The Armanda is bold in its own right. Underneath the Nissan Armada car covers is an unmatched style that is regal, commanding and intriguing. The 20-inch wheels prop the vehicle high, giving a commanding presence as the distinctively designed Chrome rims are uniquely finished and have an extraordinary presence about them. The chrome air vents, hinted by the puddle lights, further distinguish the exquisite appearance of the Armada. Impressively enough, Nissan car covers might be able to calm the bold style temporarily. But once you unveil the Armanda from its' shield, it will be hard to ever blend in with traffic again.


Nissan Armada car covers to protect the leather-appointed seats and adjustable second-row seating the luxuriously enhances the look and feel of the interior. By examining the double-stitched leather-appointed door panel and leather-appointed center console, the elegance of the crafted luxury accents the wood trim with a touch premium style and design. The Boise mobile entertainment equipped on the panel is full sized, comforting and polished. The Memory System, Around View Monitor, Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control, Intelligent key and remote start engine are all features that make driving less about thinking and more about elegant experiences.

If that is not enough technology, the Armada is equipped with Distance Control Assist as well as Predictive Forward Warning, Additionally, you will find land departure warning technology as well as blind spot warning, moving object detection, backup collision intervention and distance control assist- all equipped in the Armada. Even when concealed under Nissan car covers, the Armada is the best in sophisticated luxury technology that money can buy.