Of all your possessions, second only to your home, your car is probably the most valuable. That's why you need a great car cover for your vehicle. It's important to protect your car. The statistics for cars that become damaged because of a lack of garage or cover are overwhelming. But that's not the only reason to get a car cover. You also want to protect your car from the sun, weather, and elements. You want to protect your car from theft and vandalism, and not only that, but you want your car to be free from insects and rodents. This article will look at all of these reasons and will help you determine what kind of car cover is best for your needs.

Imagine the home of your dreams. Large and spacious with elaborately manicured gardens? Or maybe you prefer a more modern apartment in the heart of a large city? Whatever your dream home plans are you mostly likely have included a nice sized garage to store whatever you desire. Not just any garage, but an organized garage that always looks neat and tidy. Can't you picture it now? Space for two or three vehicles, bicycles, paint, ladders, tools, dirty shoes, a new motorcycle. The list could go on and on. But now back to reality, you might not even have a garage. And if you do, it may be so packed and cramped that you need extra protection for your vehicle. What to do, what to do? What is a simple, cost-effective, attractive answer to this frustrating dilemma? The answer is simple, sexy and affordable. You need a car cover.

You would probably agree that out of all your possessions, your vehicle is one of the most expensive. Whether you prefer to buy used or new vehicles it is most likely an integral part of your daily life. If your vehicle is a necessity to you or a convenience, protecting it as much as possible is not only a great idea, it's highly intelligent. If you use a car cover, you can protect your vehicle from damage and theft. There are many reasons to use a car cover. Read on to learn the many advantages of using a car cover, whether it's for indoor protection or outdoor protection.

Vehicle Damage Statistics

Would you place a bundle of money in an open container outside in the changing weather? Of course not. However, vehicles of all makes and models are left unprotected and Mother Nature is not a merciful player in the game. According to qz.com, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration reported that the year 2017 was the most expensive year in history for weather related damages. This includes damages to vehicles. Damage to your vehicle is more than an inconvenience. It can also be extremely expensive. Much of this damage can be avoided.

Sixty-three percent of all homes in the United States have garages for the intent of storing or protecting a car, truck, SUV, van, crossover or other such vehicles. Imagine a nice large garage, perfectly organized of course, ready to store and protect your car, truck, bicycles, motorcycles, tools, ladders, rakes, tarps, paint, freezer, totes, muddy shoes and boots…wait! We are not even talking about protecting your automobile anymore. But this is what happens, isn't it? The garage becomes the storehouse for many other items besides your vehicles. Not only that, but often times that 63 percent are not spacious two or three car garages big enough to properly store all that is needed. And what about the other thirty seven percent of homes? All those homes, apartments or condominiums that do not even have a garage? They might offer covered parking but even in those cases you most likely need more protection. What to do, what to do? Well, it's your lucky day because a fantastic solution is about to be presented to you. What is an attractive, simple to use, cost-effective answer to this frustrating dilemma? The answer is simple, sexy and affordable. You need a car cover.

Protect Your Car From Potential Damage

A car cover? Yes, a car cover. A car cover is a must have to protect your vehicle. First, let's imagine your vehicle lives in a garage. Lucky right? Protected from all elements, scratches, dings and dents? Wrong! How many people have parked in a garage only to find numerous, mysteriously appearing scratches, dents and paint damage. Yes, this happens inside the garage at home or at work. You have had a long day at work but are excited to get out of the office. You walk quickly to your new vehicle with its sleek, sexy apple red paint job. What do you find? A scratch on the driver's side door! Do you know the cost of repairing the paint on your vehicle? It is much, much more than a car cover. In addition, you can now have more room in our garage if you decide to use a car cover and store one of your vehicles outside the garage.

Secondly, let's look at the vehicle that may have covered parking or no protection at all. Covered parking does provide certain protections against and the weather. However, it is not fail safe. You can still benefit from a car cover if you have covered parking. Snow, wind, rain, hail, birds, leaves, squirrels, bugs, cats and even people can still get to your vehicle in covered parking areas. If your nightmare blue truck had been covered with a car cover, it would not now be smeared with fingerprints on the windows, nor would it have what looks like an emptied bag of dried leaves stuck in the windshield wipers. You think this is as bad as it gets? No way. The poor vehicle that has no protection at all is in the worst situation. When there is no shielding from the sun, wind, hail, rain, snow, cats, squirrels, birds, dirt…well, you get the picture. Weather is a harsh taskmaster and has no mercy on your vehicle. Frost, snow and ice are hard to deal with on a frigid winter's morning. Instead of waking up even earlier to scrape and defrost your vehicle, you simply remove the car cover, shake and store.

Your car cover also helps to improve the air you breathe. This may seem miraculous but since you won't have to warm your vehicle for fifteen minutes to defrost it anymore, the pollution around you will decrease. Now let's take a look at the sun. We all love the sun and you are quite right in thinking we could not live without it, but it is extremely damaging to your vehicle. The sun's harsh rays not only damage the paint on the outside of your vehicle by making it fade, but it can also damage the interior of your vehicle. When sitting in the heat of direct sunlight, a weakening happens to your seat covers, dashboard, and steering wheel, which inevitably results in cracking and discoloration. Another disadvantage of having no car cover is the painful task of touching anything metal that has been solar heated in the hot summer months. One more advantage to the car cover in terms of weather and animals is saving you from those embarrassing little birdie doo-doo drops that can dampen the best of moods. Lastly, you save tons of money using a car cover! How? A good quality car cover is going to cost more than an old blanket or a tarp thrown over your car (and those would fall off in about two seconds) but it costs immensely less than building a garage. What about rain? Of course we need rain but did you know it can easily work its way into existing minor cuts, scratches and imperfections in your paint causing the corrosion process to begin And then there's acid rain. It might sound like you are stuck in a sci-fi movie but we are dealing with a real occurrence that will cause damage to your vehicle. Using a water-resistant outdoor car cover will resolve all these issues immediately.

Whether you park or store your automobile in a garage, covered parking or with no protection at all, you will still be battling one more threat to your vehicles paint. Dust. Did you know that the paint layer on your vehicle is only around 0.006 inches thick? When that dust comes to rest on your vehicle it becomes an abrasive substance and will scratch the surface. Car covers are designed to keep that dust from settling on your vehicle in the first place.

Vandalism and Theft Protection

Do car covers only protect your vehicle from birdie doo-doo and weather woes? No! As amazing as it sounds a car cover will protect your car from theft and vandalism. When a thief sees a car that is covered they realize a few things. One, they don't know what is under that cover. Yes, it may be a very expensive, nice car but since all vehicles benefit from a cover, it could just as easily be an older car that isn't worth their time and effort. Secondly, the cover poses an obstacle because it will take the thief extra time to get the cover off. This could result in someone noticing the theft and calling the authorities. Hey, you could help catch a thief just by using car cover. Maybe the thief doesn't want to steal your car but they may still break in through a window and steal your valuable from inside. If you have a car cover, you maintain a higher level of privacy, as the causal observer cannot view the inside of your vehicle. This protects our stereo, full shopping bags, lunch and whatever else you have of value inside your vehicle.

Additional Benefits of Car Cover

By this point, you're probably thinking using a car cover could not get any better but it most certainly can. Not only will the car cover protect your vehicle from thieves and weather, it can also protect you from the horrors of invading insects. Insects will make a nest in any location that seems habitable to them. This includes, but is not limited to: your vehicle's tailpipe, under the hood, door handles, mirrors, etc. As we move up the food chain we cannot ignore the potential problem of animals making your vehicle their home or just their playground. Using a car cover protects from scratches on the hood and roof of jumping and exploring animals with claws. We have already mentioned the bird excrement problem that occurs but how about tree sap? The welcome coolness of a shady parking space is often an energetically sought after location. It may be nice for a picnic, but parking under a tree can also cause damage to your vehicle. Falling nuts, gooey berries, leaves, sticky sap and pollen can all be hazardous to any type of vehicle. A car cover is easily washed off and has no lasting damage from any of these natural occurrences. Finally, a car cover protects your vehicle from other people. In a perfect world, we would all be respectful of each other's property but unfortunately; we don't live in a perfect world, yet. You will not be getting key marks on the sides of your vehicle, broken hood ornaments or broken off side mirrors. If you look at any of the reasons to use a car cover individually you may already find it to be a convincing argument in favor of getting a car cover. When you combine all the benefits of having and using a car cover, there is simply no reason not to make this small investment of time and money.

Different types of Car Covers

Now that I have your attention you are probably wondering what kind of car covers are available and what would work best for you and your vehicles. You are in luck because there are many different types of car covers available to fit your needs. You can choose from different styles, colors, sizes, materials, and designs. You can find a fabric that is just right for you and your vehicle. Whether you need a soft, think fabric cover to protect from dust or a more heavy duty, water-resistant, UV proof cover, there are many options available to you. If you are part of the 63% of homeowners that have a garage or if you have other covered protection, a straightforward fabric type car cover should meet your needs.

This type of simple car cover is made from a very lightweight, soft, easy to use fabric. It provides a nice snug fit. The weave of the fabric is specially designed to not cause any damage to your car's finish. It is the best possible car cover for use indoors, or in covered parking areas, but this type of cover is not suitable for use on vehicles that are kept outdoors and are exposed to many types of harsh weather.

If your vehicle is living outdoors and trying to defend itself against the sun, wind, rain, and snow let's look at another type of car cover. You will definitely need a thicker cover that is UV and water-resistant. These types of covers can cause damage to your vehicle if you buy one of poor quality. When looking for this type of car cover make sure you find one that is made of a soft woven materiel, or look for one that has a woolen lining. These better options will protect the surface of your vehicle by providing a layer of stronger fabric on the outside and a softer fabric at the surface of your car. If you are planning on storing your vehicle for a lengthy amount of time you might also consider using a car cover that is made of a breathable fabric. This will prevent moisture from building up on the surface of your vehicle during storage. A breathable cover is formed with many microscopic holes. These little holes prevent any moisture and condensation from becoming trapped next to your vehicle.

UV protection is a feature that is a must have when your vehicle is stored outdoors. We have all most likely experienced a sunburn on our own skin and know the importance of always wearing protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. If you want to keep that paint job looking fantastic a car cover with complete UV protection should be added to your list of must have features. Also look for a car cover that will not itself be damaged by the sun, thereby becoming brittle, cracked and hard. There are car covers that will meet all of these needs and while they might be more expensive, the cost will not outweigh the benefits. If you are thinking this is the best solution for you, also keep in mind the feature of a secure fit. Strong winds can pull off a loose cover and potentially cause damage as it flips and flops around on your vehicle. To avoid this pitfall, consider avoiding the purchase of a universal, one-size-fits-all, inexpensive car cover. These car covers can be more troublesome than not having a car cover.

Another type of car cover is one that is completely custom made for your vehicle and your unique needs and wants. What could be better than getting exactly what you need in terms of protecting your vehicle? There are companies that will manufacture a custom cover for you depending on the exact make, model and size of your vehicle. Of course you can also choose the color. If you go this route you will not be disappointed. You will be getting a custom cover of the very best quality in terms of usability, construction, materials, and practicality. A custom cover is best suited to serve your purposes in the best way possible. It will protect your vehicle from whatever storms, contaminants, and hazards you are trying to avoid. As you have probably already surmised a custom car cover is most likely going to be more of an investment than one of the 'over the counter' type car covers. It is worth considering that a custom car cover will last the life of your vehicle and offer immense protection that will not be regretted.

Whether you decide to purchase a custom made car cover, dust cover, or one from your local automobile shop, a car cover is an excellent, intelligent purchase. In fact, there really are no disadvantages when considering protecting one of your most expensive possessions. Go out and get a car cover for your vehicle today!