Time is short. The clock is only thirty seconds long. That’s all I have to make my decision. The decision to raise the stakes, or to call and let things stay. My hand hovers over my cards. Two under my hand, four in front of me. Three other pairs are around the table, which might not seem like much. We’ve been playing for a little over an hour, inside of this nice car dealership. We all are salesmen, with low salaries and high expectations. Usually, we are very happy and jovial. But tonight, it’s all business. It’s down to the last four cars of our stock. We’re playing for a high prize. Under the Escalade car covers, sit four Cadillac beauties, all in very…distinct colors. Those are our stakes, and our pride as well.

My hands are sweaty as I raise my cards a bit. Two spades peek out, with a king and queen sharing a stare at me. I lower my cards and stare at my compatriots. They all are shifty tonight, not the lenient, shoe-in-the-door, open book salesmen they usually are. Tonight, they’re fighting for their lives. As I gently lay down my chips, they all gasp as I gently drop the keys to the Cadillac Escalade on top and whisper, “I’m all in.”

My palms are sweaty. Knees like jelly, even though I’m sitting down. The bright coloring of an Escalade winks at me from under the Escalade car cover as my fellow gamblers all toss in their bets. Surprisingly, they all seem to think the same. We know this is our last chance to save our pride as men without letting the world see our other side. With a big intake, we count, “One, Two, Three!” Four pairs of cards turn over onto the table, the last river of the night is shown, and we all stare, in disbelief at what has unfolded.

I gleefully stretch out my fingers as the morning sun hits my face. It’s the early morning, one day after that fated match. I whistle as I twirl my keys around my finger, sauntering over to my new Cadillac Escalade with its pretty silver Escalade car cover over the pure black paint. I snicker as I look over at my coworkers, all glowering at me with evil intentions as they stand in front of their brand new pink, yellow, and lime green Escalades with matching covers, standing in line explaining to our boss why they’re all wearing heart covered matching suits. Smiling, I gently remember the first lesson taught to me by my father about gambling. If you’re going to bet, always bet big. Just be ready to have a Caddy to cover your tail.