Luxury sports cars aren't exactly known to be the most fuel friendly, but the Boxster is set to change the industry standard. The vehicle boasts a completely revamped engine, which places a flat-four design within two cylinders to create more power, better performance, and an impressive 40 mpg fuel economy. We're certain the world is about to view luxury sports cars in a brand new light within the next few years thanks to this impressive vehicle.


While subtle, the changes that were introduced into the Boxster's current design have allowed for a smoother and more aerodynamic design. This was exactly what Porsche had in mind when they threw the impressive armada of performance upgrades underneath the hood. Now, the vehicle has a sleeker and more well-rounded design that allows a far higher amount of air transfer for greater city and highway mileage. In fact, everything about the outside has been updated except the windshield, roof, and luggage compartments!


For the longest while, Porsche wasn't exactly up to date with the most recent technology. However, this isn't the case with the current Boxster. The car now sports a modern steering system inspired by its 918 Hypercar sibling and also boasts a smartphone-friendly dashboard that allows drivers to integrate their devices for more navigational and entertainment functionality.

Under the Hood

Where the Boxster particularly shines is under the hood. When paired with the optional PDK transmission unit that significantly boosts performance over the already souped-up, sporty stock specs that the car already has, it is able to exceed 60 mph in as few as 4.7 seconds before reaching a top speed of 170 mph. It is almost one full second quicker than earlier models. This wasn't without compromising on its efficiency benefits either. Porsche's forced induction system creates a cleaner, more seamless combustion that manages an official fuel economy figure of 40.9 mpg: far exceeding many cars in its class.


All of the added performance upgrades come at a cost though. While previous incarnations of the Boxster were priced at just under $50,000, the entry-level 2016 Boxster is priced at $52,100 and the upgraded Boxster S comes in at $63900. The top of the tier Spyder comes with a hefty price tag of MSRP $82,100.

The 2016 Boxster will certainly suit the luxury market and those who want a super-premium option that combines the performance of a standard city runner. With all the cost involved, though, we'd also highly recommend using a high quality car cover for the Porsche Boxster. This will ensure the vehicle has its factory shine preserved for years to come along with protection against the elements. Checkout our inventory at and pick up the best car cover for your 2016 Porsche Boxster. We’ll include free shipping and lots of goodies for your Porsche Boxster at no extra cost to you.