Plymouth Belvedere: Signature of American Automotive Evolution

With trademark tailfins and a rich history marking significant timeline in American automotive industry, Plymouth Belvederes are one of the most prized collection cars among avid collectors. Check out our exclusive entry on Plymouth Belvedere here.

This classic collector’s car was manufactured between 1954 and 1970 by Plymouth. In 1954, Plymouth Belvedere replaced then popular Plymouth model Cranbrook and became a full line itself. After 1970 Plymouth Belvedere was replaced by Plymouth Satellite. Belvedere was a full-size sedan between 1954 and 1964. Between 1965 and 1970, Belvedere was classified as a mid-size sedan.

The First Belvedere

Belvedere was actually the top trim of then popular Plymouth Cranbrook and later replaced the entire Cranbrook model in 1954. The first model was available in two-door hardtop, convertible, station wagon and a four-door sedan. The signature tailfins were introduced in the first Belvedere. In March 1954, a fully automatic transmission was offered with 110 horsepower.

1955-1964: Full-body Belvedere

Following first year, Belvedere received a major overhaul in its second year. 1956 was more of an improved version of the prior year. Push-button automatic transmission and seat belts were introduced for the first time. 1957 was one of the most successful years for Chrysler Corporation and the Plymouth Belvedere. Starting in 1957, a V-8 engine was available.

In 1960, Belvedere got standard six-cylinder engine. Starting from the 1962 model, Belvedere full-size models started to shrink a bit to a more compact version. Market didn't respond very well to these smaller cars and sales plunged. Plymouth tried to come back in 1964 with a Chrysler HEMI engine but didn't do too well.

1965-1970: Mid-size Belvedere

Plymouth went back to its full-size with its different line: Fury and Belvedere became a mid-size vehicle. Belvederes between model year 1965 and 1970 are more common among collections where older Belvederes are more prized and rare ones. Even after a NASCAR win, Belvedere couldn't revive in a tricky market back then. 1968 model underwent extensive overhaul in an attempt to salvage falling sales but didn't work out for Chrysler. Belvederes were renamed to Satellite after 1970 and Satellite too was dropped in 1975.

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