While all of the details and specifications are still secret and the project itself is still a widespread rumor, makers of car covers force a completely new line of car covers and the grapevine has it, CarCover.com has already started working on a custom fit car cover in anticipation of the pickup’s release.

Extra cab room that is big enough to store the ‘Brady Bunch’ without sacrificing bed space. This elongated version will be the newest edition to the Ram lineup. With very little details about the project released, for now, it is best to follow online forums and prowl for potential hints left by Dodge in reference to the 6-door secret truck.

CarCover.com has announced their involvement in getting ready for the secret line of 6-door Dodge Rams. Chairperson of CarCover.com releases, “While Dodge is keeping a tight lid on the details, the echoes from online forums have been heard. This we know, which is why we are preparing a new design using state-of-the-art equipment and materials to ensure a quality custom fit.”

What this means is, even if Dodge backs out there is still a community of diehard 6-door truck owners that need a way to protect their customized beauties from the elements. Trucks of this caliber deserve more than a tarp to cover the monument that is true power and luxury.

The custom truck community has working designs already on the road and turning heads. Even if you don’t live in Texas, BIGGER is always BETTER and protecting your hard work with custom car covers should always be a priority. Go ahead and pick up your Chiltons manual, tools, a few cold ones, and head to the garage for our stress relieving routine maintenance on our supercharged babies.

With a lid on Dodge’s plans on their own 6-door Ram, CarCover.com still seems to think the project is worth pursuing. If not as Dodge’s official car covers supplier, then as the customize supplier for the underground 6-door communities. Our trucks are like our kids. We wash them. We feed them. We take care of their needs. Do not forget what it means to be a truck owner and take care of your car with car covers to prolong the exterior and interior of your best friend.