There's a reason why this legendary two-seater was awarded best sports car of the year under $40K; it's a smooth and sleek drive with an even smoother exterior design. The bright color scheme of previous generations has been done away with and in its place a collection of darker colors and shades are what you have to choose from.

This is the quintessential sports car that makes driving a thrill. This year’s model is slightly smaller than previous ones, with about 180 lbs shaved off, and isn't quite as powerful. The top notch steering makes turns pleasant and the gear box makes you feel like you're truly connected to the car. What's really impressive is the ease at which the convertible top comes up and down. Although completely manual, it's not a struggle. This car looks a little meaner but rides as if on a rainbow.

The interior has speakers placed in such a way that the audio system doesn't get muffled with the convertible top is down. There is a cheap looking info screen that looks as though it were a tacky GPS system attached to the dashboard. The car has great positional design which makes viewing the road from all angles clear and the seats are known to be some of the most comfortable.

So what does the standard model come with? They include Bluetooth, cruise control, and air conditioning. Its price starts at $25,735, about $945 more than last years’ model but with a significant amount of upgrades like: LED headlights, cloth material for its top rather than vinyl, and an extra cog in its manual transmission. Some features that are only available for the pricier models are: Leather seats, automatic climate control, and sensor-based safety features which are available only on the GT, and while both of the upper trims include Mazda’s Connect touch-screen infotainment system, navigation is only of the GT.

What's to say about this car? It's a two seater with barely enough room to carry luggage for one. It's fuel efficient and has a max speed of 137 mph. Its price is a little more expensive compared to it's rivals but with a convertible top in every model and a highly refined driving experience the money becomes well spent. What it all really comes down to, is the fact that it's a freakin' Miata and you'll be hard-pressed to find something to make your commute as exciting and stylish as this sports car. is specialized in making car cover for the Mazda Miata. They have astonishing reviews from their customers about that cover, especially because of how it fits. Miata enthusiasts love to take care of their vehicle because they just love when their little gem stay in great condition. Cars with convertible tops must be covered at all time in order to prevent the fabric from ruining, especially if it is exposed to intense sun or heavy snow.