Back in 2014, The Range Rover was released with an all-aluminum body in aims of reducing the gross weight of the vehicle and improving the overall fuel economy. This is exactly what happened, but the smaller vehicle was often thought to be too rigid and any accidents would often require significant body work. This has been corrected with a “slinkier” revision of the Range Rover. Now made with glued-and-riveted aluminum, the result is an even lighter and even better performing vehicle than its predecessor.


There is a decidedly sporty European look to the Range Rover this year. On the outside owners will find winged headlamps, a slim grille, and a slight roofline drop. Together, these create an interesting crossover chassis that breaks away from the conventional boxy mold that they're typically known for. The body is also very rounded. Rather than having sharp lines that crossover SUVs have, there are naturally flowing curves that follow the contours of the body throughout.


Inside, owners will find all of the creative comforts that they've come to expect from modern vehicles. Soft leathers and metallic trims guard the on board navigation system, which rests in the middle of the dashboard. There is also ambient lighting options that purchasers can consider adding to their purchase.

Under the Hood

While the vehicle is still impressively large and has a gross weight of roughly 5,000 pounds, the suspension systems have been finely tuned for responsiveness and allow the driver to have the comfortable control of a sports car within a much larger body. There are also five different powertrain options to choose from, which allow drivers to finely tune their driving experience to whatever they might be familiar with when driving SUVs.

At its base is a 3.0 liter supercharged V6 engine that's capable of 340 horsepower and quite a bit of torque, which makes it suitable for hauling and towing. It is capable of reaching a dry acceleration to 60 mph in under seven seconds, which can be further reduced to five seconds by upgrading to a supercharged V8 engine model.


The base model of the 2016 Range Rover comes with a sticker of $61,053 and increases to $87,697 for a fully-upgraded premium option.

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