Believe it or not, Kia’s roots actually date all the way back to 1944 when it was known as the Kyungsung Precision Industry making a name for itself in the metal tubing and bicycle niche. Yea, Kia really did start off by making bicycles parts and it wasn’t until 1952 Kyungsung started to go by Kia Industries, where it later entered the motorized world in 1957, making a small-engine motorcycle for Honda.

Since then Kia has slowly crept into the automobile industry and has recently been turning heads with major upgrades to their Kia Soul line. 2017 has already started and you had better believe Kia Soul car covers are flooding the market to make sure these bad boys stay spotless.

The Magnificent Shape Can Still be Seen Even through the KIA Car Covers

If you remember back when Kia first introduced the Soul, you may have been hooked by their catchy Hip Hop Hamsters that appeared in most of their ads. Well, now it is years later and the Hamsters have gone, along with the squarish box shape design of the exterior. Now when shopping online and heading to dealerships to peek under the Kia Soul Car covers, eyes are met with an upgrade sleek and rounded frame that screams edgeless.

Climb in and Connect with Your Soul Not Your Kia Car Covers

If you haven’t had the chance to check these puppies out, then you are missing out on some pretty sick onboard tech. Pair your smartphone with the Kia Soul and get information like charge, control over temperature, ability to lock/unlock doors. While you may want to keep your Soul car covers on for protection, your ego will want you to go for a ride out on the town. So, before you hop in, pull out your iPhone or Droid and check your charge. Be prepared and do not come up short ever again, with Kia Soul’s ‘Super Sweet Tech’.

Did You Make a Wrong Turn? Get Your KIA Soul Car Covers

How have you lasted this long? You do not even have any reliable Kia car covers and are neglecting your ride. Keep your car fresh and your paint wet with Kia Soul car covers from the #1 trusted car cover site on the internet.