There's been a growing demand in the marketplace for family vehicles that also have the ability to put in some real hard work. After all, people carriers don't necessarily just transport people: they can also be put to work to carry and tow heavy loads both under off road conditions on job sites and around town. The 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee does just that and comes complete with an aesthetically pleasing appearance to boot.


Jeep have made a few modifications to this year's lineup of vehicles and have made them thinner throughout the body work. They also have far less apparent front grilles than they did in previous lineups. However, the SUV body retains its normal characteristics and have a few personal touches like LED taillights and better detailing throughout. Aerodynamics appear to be a key concern for Jeep, as the sleek contours allow for more power underneath the hood and better acceleration times.


Those who are familiar with the range will know they're incredibly spacious and the 2016 edition is no exception to the rule. The cabin itself is furnished completely with high-quality materials and trims and has won FCA's Best Interior award for the year. It goes without saying that quality definitely isn't understated within the cabin.

Under the Hood

There are a total of three engine types available for the 2016 Grand Cherokee. At the base is a 3.6 liter V6 engine that creates 295 horsepower and an impressive amount of torque, which makes it a very capable work vehicle. However, the more premium option is the turbodiesel 3.0 liter V6 engine, which has a 420 pound output of torque. Mileage stands at a respectable 30 mpg on the highway considering the work-related nature of the vehicle and the sheer weight that the chassis carries.


The base 2016 Grand Cherokee starts at MSRP $29,995 but it quickly climbs up to forty grand after adding few options. The price rises to a steep $80,000 for a fully-featured premium Grand Cherokee. The top of the tier SRT is definitely one of the finest vehicle in its class and the eighty grand price tag is very much justifiable.

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