Something that Jaguar is particularly notorious for is focusing too heavily on one aspect of a vehicle. Whether it be a sporty sports car or a durable utility vehicle, the two aspects don't seem to merge all that often. That is, not until the 2017 F-Pace, which more than competently merges the two ideas into one luxury package. It is basically the sports car of all Land Rovers and it's actually one of the most competent luxury utility vehicles to date.


What makes this a particularly interesting vehicle for a SUV is the sheer fact that it's quite aesthetically pleasing. In a market full of boxy, cube-like vehicles, the F-Pace takes its cues from a Mazda-like styling. This also directly converts to performance upgrades, too. Thanks to its lightweight chassis, the vehicle has strong 0-60 capabilities and is a generally smooth driving experience.


Unfortunately, the interior of the vehicle doesn't really shine within the luxury market. It seems more like a standard-issue vehicle rather than a showcase. It is sparse when it comes to the various trims and decals, but does feature a wide touchscreen with digital displays that work themselves into the design conspicuously rather than being a true standout. It has all of the standard wood and aluminum accents that luxury owners would expect from vehicles in this class, but it is hardly eye-grabbing. It is all rather generic.

Under the Hood

The F-Pace handles itself quite well on the road and is sometimes compared as a direct competitor to the Porsche Macan in terms of its capabilities. It features a supercharged V6 engine and is able boast 0-60 speeds in 5.1 seconds according to manufacturer testing. It is somewhat capable of offroading, but an upgraded turbodiesel edition will enhance its ability quite a bit by featuring a hardier frame and engine.


What's not surprising is the vehicle's very high sticker price. Despite not having the most striking interior, Jaguar suggests a sticker of $40,990 before any optional upgrades are added in.

Those who are considering a vehicle of this sort of price will undoubtedly want to protect their investment. This is most easily done by purchasing a high-quality car cover from They are engineered to the F-Pace's exact dimensions, so buyers can rest assured that they're getting the most precise fit possible for their vehicle. They are also backed by a lifetime limited warranty to protect against any unlikely defects.