It has been a long time since car enthusiast was able to store a brand new Cougar under their Mercury car carvers- but the time may have finally come. Redefining what you may assume you know about the Cougar car covers, Mercury has completely redesigned the beloved classic car. The reflective black coating and sleek, aerodynamic design will make you do a double take. Even the Mercury Cougar car covers are sleekly designed.

Back in 2000, the Mercury Cougar car covers, the last of the Roush editions, was the rarest generation to be produced. Only 112 vehicles rolled off the assembly. That was the last time we all had a chance to be excited about a newly released- and highly anticipated- Cougar car covers. But the word around town is that the Mercury Cougar is about to make a comeback. So if you have an old school Cougars under your Mercury car covers, and you have been wishing for an updated version to add to your collection, your wish just may have come true.

2017 Marks The 50th Anniversary of the Mercury Cougar, but it also marks the classic vehicles' revival. Ford has been focused on delivering a heightened sense of edge to their lineup, and characteristically revamped the Mercury car covers brand to jump-start the 4-year plan. But instead of a total and complete revival, Mercury will receive a prestigious upgrade in order to introduce a new high-end trim to the innovation.

Sleek Style

This black, low-riding sporty car is a one-of-a-kind. With a regal and sleek black coating that has a reflective shine, the Mercury car covers will redefine what you though you knew about the car. If you mistakenly overlooked the beauty of the aerodynamic design that catches the wind to glide at high speeds, this reintroduction to the Mercury Cougar car covers will more than impress you.

Power and Speed

The all aluminum 8.4-liter V-10 revenant engine, equipped with a set of twin turbochargers give the Cougar a large amount of power underneath the Mercury car covers. With an engine that produces about 1500 horsepower, there is no way to ignore the power behind the engine's roar. And even if you could- would you want to? Where else can you get that kind of power in a classic car with so much stamina? No place that won't cost the price of a house- unless you peek under some Mercury Cougar car covers and find one of these underneath.

Mysteriously Luxurious

The Mercury Cougar covers are as mysterious as it is sleek, with its' low-to-the ground profile. The flashy chrome wheels hiding under the Cougar car covers, along with ahead-of-times 2-door design gives this car a James Bond comparable experience of mystic and drama. The tinted windows, that strategically conceals the luck driver of this exquisite piece of machinery, make the attraction even more intense as you get drawn into a lusting desire to take it for a drive yourself. But be careful. With this type of comeback, the Cougar may be more than the lighthearted can handle.