When taking a peek under the Ford Fusion car covers, safety is of no concern because Ford has built the Fusion to be at the top of its class, which is why we need to focus on what it Is like actually drive one. Close your eyes. Wait a minute, open them up—you’re still reading this but let’s imagine for a moment. Picture yourself walking out to your garage and hitting the button to have the door lift like a magical gate. Next, you delve in taking time to carefully remove the Ford car covers from the car. Afterward, you find yourself awestruck as you gaze upon total perfection. Every curve, every bend, and ever fold in the frame scream elegance, while a midnight blue echoing shouts of stoicism and durability.

Ford’s Fusion Car Covers True Voice Commands

You pull your right hand up next to the side of your face while gripping your Fusion key. A light click and a subtle beep lets you know that it’s time to climb inside. You sit down, place your hands at 10-and-2, and look around. Reaching down and initiating power, you hear a silent hum of Fusion’s energy efficient hybrid engine. Sync3 system kicks on and you are now able to prompt your vehicle for instructions. Voice-activated navigation pairs with assisted-parking to evolve the way you see driving forever.

Paving a way to the Future with Ford Fusion

Sure, you can opt to keep your Fusion car covers on, but why contain something that should be shared with the world. It is these types innovations that shape, mold, and pave the way for future advancements to enhance our driving experience. Ford knows and is making sure you keep car protected. Near most of their checkouts, you’ll see their display of Ford car covers and you know for a fact they have your model, but the only thing stopping you is your persistent reluctance to hide such beauty.

You Can Charge While Braking—What the ___?

Another one of the new 2017 Ford Fusion’s features that totally rock is the regenerative braking and brake coach. Now instead of missing out on all of that kinetic energy that’s lost during braking, Ford’s new braking system is actually able to capture and store that energy in the battery for future use. Talking about saving on battery charging. Keep your eyes out on what else is in store because Ford is only aiming for bigger and better things. Are you built Ford tough?