How To Protect Your Car During Transport

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Have you ever wanted to transport your car to an area quite far from where you live but didn't know how to do it?

Moving your car to a far area is a difficult decision because it affects many issues. Not only is transportation costs quite expensive, besides, ensuring vehicle safety is also an issue that worries many people. It is possible that the vehicle will be scratched or distorted during the moving process. So how to protect your car when transportinh long distances without scratches or damage. Please join us to learn some of the following suggestions from the team to better protect your car.

Buying a car cover is one of the ways to safeguard your automobile

Why should you Purchase a Vehicle Cover

Many people believe that using a car cover is a safe solution to keep their car protected while transporting. So what benefits do car covers bring?

Prevent exposure to environmental factors. During transportation, your vehicle is almost directly exposed to the outside environment without any protection. Therefore, using a car cover helps limit your car's exposure to negative factors such as rain, sun, dirt or even snow or hail.

Avoid scratches due to impact. Your car will undoubtedly have collision issues while being transported because of uneven roadways, abrupt stops, and tight curves. Even though your vehicle is securely fastened, it can still wobble or rub against ropes or other vehicles. Use a car cover to create an additional layer of separation to help limit scratches or impacts.

Security. During transportation, securing the vehicle with a cover is intended to limit curiosity and observations from people with bad intentions. Covering your license plate ensures safety for the driver and the vehicles being transported.

Car covers offer several reasons why they are essential

How to Protect Your Car During Transport

Now that we've established why a car cover is essential when transporting your car, let's move on to how to protect your car during transport:

1. Choose a Reputable Transport Company

The first and most important thing to optimally protect your vehicle during long-distance transportation is to choose a reputable shipping company. A reputable transportation company is one that puts customers' interests first, they have the responsibility to protect your vehicle like protecting their own vehicle. Awareness and responsibility determine a safe transportation process. When choosing a reputable shipping company, you are always guaranteed against losses that occur during the transportation process without push or try to deny their responsibility to customers or service users. Therefore, as a smart customer, you must know to choose a reputable transport company with high ratings and full operating licenses issued by the Ministry of Transport.

Before deciding to deposit, discuss to them about the rights and obligations of both parties to evaluate how they work and ensure your rights. All issues should be agreed upon in writing to avoid unnecessary risks.

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Choose a Reputable Transport Company

2. Choose the Right Type of Transport

Depending on the distance you need to transport, you can determine the appropriate type of transporting your car. If they are not really too far, road transport is the most reasonable. If you need to travel long distances, using air or sea transportation is most suitable. However, the form of transportation depends on your finances. Traveling by land may be more risky but the price is cheaper, traveling by air and sea will be safer but the cost will be double or even three times more expensive, and they also depend on whether the transportation company exploit their journey to your desired location or not. Therefore, please determine your finances and location to choose the most suitable and safest transportation unit.

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Choose the Right Type of Transport

3. Inspect Your Car Before Transport

Inspecting and evaluating your vehicle before sending it to the transport agency is a smart thing to do to protect your assets. Make sure there are any defects before sending the vehicle with pictures so that you can verify with the shipping unit about scratches during the transportation of your vehicle. This is not a coincidence, but because there are many unreliable shipping units that do not accept responsibility and blame that these mistakes happened before coming to their company. Therefore, please wash your car thoroughly and take a photo of the vehicle's overview before sending it to the shipping unit to ensure your rights.

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Inspect Your Car Before Transport

4. Remove Personal Belongings

Before moving, leave all personal belongings inside the car to ensure the safety of both your belongings and your vehicle. Leaving personal belongings in the car is very susceptible to theft because it is not in the storage items of the transport company. Besides, items in the car can collide when the car is bumped or braked suddenly. They can break or cause scratches to the car's interior. Therefore, to best protect both your belongings and your vehicle, you should remove them from the vehicle before sending it to the shipping company.

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Remove Personal Belongings

5. Secure Loose Parts

Although this is the responsibility of the shipping company, you should still check and make sure your car is actually securely fixed. Securely securing the vehicle will ensure that the vehicle is not subject to strong impacts or vibrations during transportation. A lack of certainty can seriously affect the safety of both the driver and the vehicle being transported. Although collisions and scratches can be fixed, it will reduce the original value of the car.

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Secure Loose Parts

6. Use a Car Cover

As mentioned above, using a car cover is a great solution to protect your car from environmental influences and limit scratches due to collisions. Car covers act as a barrier between the car's surface and harmful agents. Therefore, choose a high-quality car cover to ensure your car is protected in the best way. Covers made from fabric or synthetic rubber are good choices to protect your vehicle from risks during transportation.

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Use a Car Cover

7. Check Your Insurance Coverage

Understanding the insurance coverage offered by the shipping company is also a way to protect your vehicle during transportation. Scratches or damage will be replaced or restored by the responsible shipping unit, which will help them be more responsible during the shipping process, besides, it will also help you avoid spending extra costs on maintenance or repair the car when it reaches the needed location. If you are not sure of your rights, you will likely be ignored by the shipping company and you will have to withdraw your wallet for losses that are belonging the shipping company's responsibility.

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Check Your Insurance Coverage

8. Track the shipping journey

Stay in touch with the shipping company or use the tracking code to clearly understand where your vehicle is to ensure the journey goes smoothly. If the journey is interrupted or delayed for too long in one place, unusual problems will occur. Please contact by phone to the shipping company to know the situation of your vehicle. Use the tracking code to track the journey. If the journey goes in the wrong direction, you may have encountered a problem such as being stolen. If you detect abnormalities in the tracking code, please contact the shipping unit and law enforcement agencies for timely handling.

Stay in Communication


In short, shipping a car over a long geographical distance is quite a stressful experience. Cars with large areas and weight will face many difficulties during transportation. However, transportation will go smoothly if the service user clearly understands the basic principles that the team mentioned above. If you are a smart customer, investing in a quality car cover is a wise decision. Not only are they useful when transporting your car during long distances, but they are also extremely useful in everyday life when your car is not moving. Be a wise consumer and make the correct choices to protect your property value in the most effective way.

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