Every since the very first time my car covers revealed my Solara to the world, I feel like I have been rebirthed. Every corner I turn, every parking lot I pull into- I own it- at least in my imagination. Every time I peek under the car covers, and glare at my spacious interior space and soft-touch dash panel,

A New Level Of Confidence

With 210 horsepower, a 3.3-liter V6 engine, 31 miles per gallon fuel efficiency, stylish car covers and the tightest set of brakes that gives me instant stopping superpowers, there is no back alley or highway in my city that can handle me or my Solara car covers. When I pull the car covers back, I unleash one beast of a convertible. She might be pretty, but she is fierce. That is why every time I'm behind the wheel, I feel like a transformer- my entire persona changes. And I like it.

Celebrity Style Attention

Every time I snatch off my car covers and put the key in the ignition, my street becomes Hollywood Boulevard- at least for me it does. And as I roll through the main parts of the city, I find my self-creeping about 5 mph under the speed limit. I also noticed that at every stoplight, the drivers on either side of me were intensely staring at my car. I don't know if they were looking at the car covers, their reflection in my 17-inch alloy wheels or the fancy LED lights that complimented my over-sized chrome spoilers that stole their attention from the red light as it turned green.

I secretly enjoyed the 8-second head start I got every time I sped off when the red lights turned green. Sometimes I would get so far ahead of them, that I felt bad, and then let them catch up with me at the next light. One guy rolled his window down and shouted out a compliment about the car- just as he was eating my dust. He should have had some car covers with him.

Stepping Out Never Looked So Good

From the hood to the tail lights- from the tires to the car covers- there is only one word to describe the Solara: exquisite. It's not just me saying this. Obviously, that is what everyone else is thinking. Why else am I the center of attention every time my car covers come off the car? I would say it's my personal beauty, but even I am not vain enough to think I look more attractive than my Solara. I guess since it gets its beauty rest under the car covers, the Solara has me to thank for her well-maintained beauty. I guess in the end, it is because of me they all turn and stare. Go figure.