The Honda Pilot was a pioneer of its class back in the day. Its original mission was to redesign the ruggedness of a SUV into something more practical for day to day driving and it managed to do this just over 12 years ago with a very car-like cabin within a SUV. However, this soon changed into the boxier crossover we've become familiar with in this class of cars. While functional, it distinctly lacks the sleekness of a car. It's time to go back to the original design, which is what the 2016 Pilot aims to do.


It's a welcomed sight to see the original styling come back to the Pilot. After its slight regression in 2009, Honda has decided to go back to basics with soft corners and a more aerodynamic body that allows greater air transfer around the vehicle for increased mileage. It is also completed with soft to the touch materials, which give the vehicle a sense of elegance in an otherwise very hardy and rugged world.


It is becoming rarer to find a three-row crossover SUV in today's market, but the Pilot leads the way on this front. It comes feature-packed with a variety of safety additions along with a rather revitalized and fresh look that comes from its rounder body. There's a sort of elegance to the look and the angles comfortably play off one another throughout the vehicle. Its horizontally themed grille is another pleasant cosmetic addition and it's hard to find anything comparable within vehicles in this class.

Under the Hood

The performance of the vehicle is definitely something that deserves praise. Its updated V6 engine is capable of putting out 280 horsepower within a six speed automatic transmission and will readily tow up to 5,000 pounds. It comes equipped with a front-wheel drive as standard, but additional upgrades can increase this to an all-wheel drive and install Honda's Traction Management System that will allow drivers to pull themselves out of sticky situations (mud, snow) with ease.


The Honda Pilot comes with a sticker price of MSRP $30,145 for its base model, which will increase exponentially as more features are added.

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