Getting Rid of your Car: Recycling vs Junking

Did your car finally breakdown for good? Now you are left wondering what to do with it. Auto recycling is a great alternative to simply junking your car. It’s better for the environment and the local economy. It’s better than the scrapyard and will likely get you more cash for your car.

When your old car has gone to that great car manufacturer in the sky the question remains on how to get rid of it.

Junking or Scrapping Your Vehicle

Most people would call a junkyard to come grab it for disposal. This is convenient because someone else just comes and picks up the car and pays you cash for it. The problem is you are not getting top dollar for your car and the car is likely going right to the scrap yard for disposal. Be aware that some cars may be too old for a junkyard to be interested in and then you are left to look for other options.

Others of a more entrepreneurial spirit may want to squeeze every last dollar out of it, so they take it to a scrap yard and separate catalytic converters, batteries, etc. to maximize their profit. This involves a lot of work however. Catalytic converters need to be cut off, batteries need to be disconnected and removed and sometimes tires and wheels need to be taken off the vehicle prior to scrapping.

The problem then remains on how to get a disabled vehicle to the scrap yard. Unless you have access to a tow truck, loading a wheel-less vehicle on a trailer is no one’s idea of fun. However, this method will probably net you more money than calling a “we buy junk cars” company. Just know that you will be investing considerably more time using this method.

Why Not Recycle Your Car?

Many people are not aware of recycling companies that will pay you for your car and recycle the parts that are reusable. So instead of creating a big crushed lump of metal, the good parts on your car can be resold thereby reducing waste. Just because the car is of no use to you doesn’t mean it isn’t of use to someone else.

This is great for those looking for a “green” option when getting rid of their cars. Your conscience feels a bit better knowing that most of the car can be reused. In fact, statistics show that auto recyclers can reuse about 75% of disable vehicles.

The fluids are drained and properly disposed of and all usable parts are cleaned and tested and inventoried for resale. This includes not only the mechanical parts of the vehicle, but the body parts as well. Whatever can be reused is and the rest is appropriately recycled.