Get to Know the Top Electric Cars and Their Features

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular among drivers and car enthusiasts. Although they’re more expensive compared to conventional cars, they’re pro sustainability, as well as offer a handful of attractive features. Get to know the industry’s top electric cars...

Electric cars are battery powered rather than fuel powered. The battery inside an electric car is rechargeable however can be short-lasting, requiring relatively long charging sessions. As fuel-efficiency standards are becoming increasingly strict, electric cars are gaining popularity, which is why every year the cars are significantly better than the last. Here’s a list of our top picks if you’re thinking about getting an electric car…

1.    BMW i3

BMW is one of the most desirable luxury brands on the market today. Their electric car model is a four-door that has an elegant interior trim, made of kenaf. This plant-based interior is much more environmentally-friendly than the standard plastic interiors. It absorbs 50% of CO2 during manufacturing, significantly reducing air pollution, as well as is a renewable resource. It’s more expensive to make then plastics however with potential increases in the price of oil and more manufacturers looking to make environmentally friendly products, prices should eventually decrease. Right now, only the interior can be made of plant-based materials however work is also being done to have the material be suitable for the car’s exterior as well.

The range of the BMW i3 is 125 miles at a speed of 50mph. The electric range of the BMW i3 greatly depends on the smoothness of the driver, with greater smoothness, increasing the distance that can be obtained. Other optional driving modes include Comfort, EcoPro, and EcoPro+.

2.    Hyundai Ioniq

The Hyundai is very large and spacious. It has a longer lasting battery than the BMW i3, which can last over 170 miles. It can also be purchased as a hybrid for those who require a car that can handle long distance trips.

3.    Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is one of the UK’s best-selling electric cars. It’s well-liked, since it’s heavy on the acceleration, which is a special feature of electric cars. This car is for city driving only, since it lasts 1-2 hours on the highway before needing to be recharged. Its 24 kWh battery needs 30 minutes to recharge on a level three, 25, 000 watts charger. This makes road trips impractical, since level three chargers are harder to come by.

4.    Renault Zoe

The mile Renault Zoe can go 250 miles, up to 84mph, making it the best electric car available on the market. You might think that the Renault Zoe would be totally unaffordable however as far as electric cars go, it’s reasonably priced. It also has a small hatchback model, making it a great car for those who require easy loading, like for large families with groceries.

5.    Jaguar I-Pace

This electric car can recharge very quickly. It gets up to 80% in 45 minutes with a level one, 120 volt charger. The Jaguar I-Pace SUV is available with a 298 mile range and a top speed of 124mph, making it one of the best electric models for highway driving.

6.    Tesla Model S

The Tesla is a luxury sedan, one of the most universally talked about of the electric cars. It has a range of 311 miles, which is the most of all the electric cars introduced thus far. There’s also a more economical choice of a 60kWh battery with a smaller 208-mile range.

7.    Nissan e-NV200 Combi

The Nissan was one of the originators of the electric car. The model Nissan e-NV200 Combi has a seven-seat capacity, providing more space than any of the other vehicles. It’s so big that it drives like a boat, inspired by the Nissan Leaf hatchback. This heavy car is powered by an impressive 40kWh battery, which has a capacity much larger than the Leaf’s, mentioned above. It also includes specialized colors, like light blue, metallic, and white.

8.    Tesla Model X

This is an SUV model and it’s the third generation of the electric car models. It has a seven-seat capacity, like the Nissan e-NV200 Combi. It also has a 300-mile range and the falcon wing doors.

9.    Volkswagen e-Golf

This electric model boasts a traditional hatchback. Its range is 186 miles, making it a middle of the pack electric model with a standard range.

10.    Volkswagen e-Up

This model is similar to the e-Golf, except that it has a much shorter range of only 99 miles range, including a top speed of 80mph. It can be charged with a level three charger in about 30 minutes, just like the Leaf.

11.    Smart ForFour ED

This electric model is similar to the Volkswagen e-Up, having a 96-mile range, also including a top speed of 80mph. It’s a four-door, like the name implies ‘ForFour’.

12.    Smart ForTwo ED

This electric car has a slightly bigger range than the Smart ForFour, allowing up to 99 miles. It’s a two-door as the name implies ‘ForTwo’. It’s also built with an infotainment system that includes an Aux, SD, USB, and Bluetooth connection.

13.    Peugeot iOn

This electric car offers a modest 93-mile range, which is pretty low as far as electric cars go. A couple nice features are air conditioning, USB connectivity, and Bluetooth. 

14.    Morgan EV3

This bizarre electric car has only three wheels, fitting two people. It’s made from an aluminum and carbon mixture.  It has a mid-range mileage for an electric and travels a distance of 150 miles.

15.    Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

It also offers an attractive exterior and an impressive interior. However, it has average mileage, up to a 124-mile range and a top speed of 99.5mph. It’s designed for the suburbs and the B stands for ‘Burbs’. This 4-door hatchback is perfect for soccer moms and the like.

16.    Mahindra e2o

This electric model is from India and was renamed from REVA NXR. It’s an urban hatchback and can only be used in the city because of its limited mileage, 79-mile range at 63mph. It was designed by Mahindra REVA, one of the electric car pioneers. It’s available in 2 models, The City and the TechX.

17.    Ford Focus Electric

This car has a 100-mile range with a speed of 85mph. It’s the electric version of the Focus hatchback and includes features like the back-up cam, multi-zone climate cam, and Bluetooth.

18.    Citroen C-Zero

This is a four-door and has a range of 93 miles with a speed of 80mph.

19.    Kia Soul EV

This car is wide, stylish, and relaxing and has a range of 93 miles. It also includes features like parking assist and voice command navigation.

20.    Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevy Bolt EV has a range of 238 miles, which is on the higher end of the electric models. It can also get up to 200 horsepower (hp) which is pretty powerful for an electric however comparable to any standard car that has an average hp.

21.    Tesla Model 3

The outside of this car is remarkably stylish and it’s also fun and exciting to drive. It has a range of 310 miles, which is reasonable for highway driving.

22.    Tesla Model S P100D

This is the fastest car you can purchase in 2018. It goes from 0 to 60mph in about 2.5 seconds. It’s has a battery power capacity of 100kWh, which provides a 315-mile range.

23.    Mitsubishi i-MIEV

The estimated total range of this reasonably-priced car is 62 miles. The battery takes about a day to recharge in a level two charger.

24.    Toyota RAV4 EV

This compact electric SUV has a total range of 103 miles. It’s very spacious however it doesn’t include windows at seats that are the farthest back. It also has satellite radio and Bluetooth.

25.    Fiat 500E

This cute two-door is ideal for couples. It has an 87-mile range, which is suitable for city driving.

26.    Chevrolet Spark EV

This electric model is popular among many buyers and it has an estimated range of 82 miles. It’s a four door that has a smaller backseat space than what’s standard. It also offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Advantages of Electric Cars

If you’ve read up to this point, seeing the many electric car models available on today’s market, you may be thinking more seriously about getting an electric car. On the plus side of things, an electric car as close to eco-friendly as you can get when it comes to cars. Beyond being battery powered, the whole point of an electric car is born out of a greater concern for the environment. Electric cars do more for the environment than consume less fuel while driving, since they’re also made with eco-friendly materials, like kenaf. Electric cars cost less in terms of maintenance, since they contain fewer parts, meaning fewer repairs. They also don’t require pricey fill-ups at the gas station. Some people also like them because they’re smooth to drive and make almost no noise.

The Main Producers for the Top Electric Cars

Here are seven of the most famous electric car manufacturers in the industry today…

  • BMW

This is a Germany company that produces luxury cars, including the electric model, called the BMW i3. BMW is known for quality products and forward-thinking.

  • General Motors (GM)

GM markets a broad range of vehicles globally however it’s heavily promoting its electric model, which is the Chevrolet Bolt.

  • Ford

Ford is the classic American producer of numerous vehicles, so of course it has its own version of the electric, which is the Ford Focus Electric.

  • Kia

The Kia is a South Korean car manufacturing company and is a rival to Honda and Toyota. The Kia Soul EV is its popular best-selling electric model.

  • Nissan

This is a Japanese manufacturer that has already outsold any others. Nissan offers the Nissan Leaf, which is up there with the most popular electric cars in the world.

  • Tesla

Tesla’s probably the most innovative of the electric car manufacturers. It produces some of the most high-quality electric cars that everyone wants, like the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S.

  • Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a German manufacturer that offers the famous Volkswagen e-Golf and the VW Beetle. These electric car options offer reliability and affordability. 


Electric cars are growing at a fast rate, in spite of being more expensive than regular cars. They’re also desirable for many people wanting lessening their environmental footprint. Every year they undergo improvements, like being equipped to travel longer distances and affordability.